Protestors attack by saying “Kill Michelle Malkin!”

Michelle Malkin, conservative author and blogger, was verbally attacked by leftist protesters at the “Recreate 68″ protests last night held outside the Democratic National Convention according to sources. She was there to cover the protest as a reporter. See video and photos below.

Several dozen anti-war activists held hands and shouted “Love, Peace and Justice” during a stupid stunt to “levitate” the Denver Mint on Monday, shake out its money and redistribute the wealth.

The group “Recreate ’68” wanted to circle the Mint on the opening day of the Democratic National Convention in homage to the 1967 protest of the Vietnam War when demonstrators sought to levitate the Pentagon.

I am not making this up people.

I’m happy to report that the Denver Mint is still on it’s foundation and the anti-capitalists failed in their effort to levitate it. The wizard hat and magic wands they brought simply weren’t working. In truth, protesters at the Mint only made it halfway down one block, the quarters that showered the ground were made of plastic, and the group’s leader wore a starry, purple wizard’s hat and red robe.

“Hey, it’s just an old Halloween costume,” Mark Cohen of Recreate ’68 said afterward.

However, during the so-called “event” a tense moment occurred when conspiracy theorist Alex Jones spotted conservative columnist Michelle Malkin and reportedly started yelling at her. Nearby goons even shouted “Kill Michelle Malkin!”

Michelle calmly kept doing her work, taking pictures with a camera. However she says that she wishes that she remembered to bring her dang spit shield. She was apparently protected by the good folks at Gateway Pundit and Pajamas Media. So much for “Love, Peace, and Justice.”

So check out these videos (updated).

Michelle Malkin Video_1

Michelle Malkin Video_2