We were to believe that there were only three days before the infiltrators to the DNC Convention would allegedly raise high powered rifles to assassinate Barack Obama. The murder by possible white-supremacists would take place during Barack Obama’s acceptance speech in mile high stadium. Fact or fiction? Who is pushing this story?

Update: This story has since been deemed by law enforcement to be NOT a credible threat. The “Obama assassination” story was over-promoted by papers and Obama blogs apparently to attract sympathy to their candidate. In fact, charges against those arrested were dropped for insufficient evidence.

The assassination plot was breathlessly reportedly to be foiled by an alert Aurora police department and federal law enforcement by arresting the reported ring-leader Tharin Gartrell (see mugshot photo) and three others.

The local CBS affiliate in Denver, Colorado broke some of the details on Monday. More information will be forthcoming at the press conference.

What was being reported is that at least four people are suspected of being involved in the elaborate plot. Their intentions appeared to have unraveled when one of the schemers was pulled over on Saturday for erratic driving in Aurora, Colorado.

In the pickup truck were supposedly discovered two high-powered rifles with spotting scopes attached, camouflage clothing, communication devices, and a bulletproof vest. Subsequent information uncovered on the scene led to FBI raids on a hotel room where another suspect was nabbed after leaping from an open window. Two other accomplices including one women were also arrested.

The prime suspect in the alleged Obama assassination plot is named Tharin Gartrell. The investigation is supposedly continuing which includes the U.S. Secret Service, FBI, ATF and the joint terrorism task force, although law enforcement have already said the threat was not credible. And again, all charges were dropped.

This has apparently turned out to be a tall tale hoax by drug runners.