Here are the battleground polls for the key states where Barack Obama and John McCain will be competing for the presidency.

Most recent polls are now updated.

We have grouped these into three categories depending on where Right Pundits believe these battleground states are leaning today, Obama, McCain, or tossup. Like the last two presidential elections, we expect the race to be close down to the wire. You can click the links for battleground poll after poll updated daily, but use the comments to alert us to new polls just in case we missed any.

Tossup Battleground States:
Ohio polls for 20 electoral votes.
Virginia polls for 13 electoral votes.
Colorado polls for 9 electoral votes.
New Mexico polls for 5 electoral votes.
New Hampshire polls for 4 electoral votes.

Leaning Obama Battleground States:
Michigan polls for 17 electoral votes.
Pennsylvania polls for 21 electoral votes.
Wisconsin polls for 10 electoral votes.
Minnesota for 10 electoral votes.

Leaning McCain Battleground States:
Florida polls for 27 electoral votes.
Nevada polls for 5 electoral votes.