There will be a tribute for Ted Kennedy at the Democratic National Convention tonight. It seems only right and proper that we should also remember one of Ted Kennedy’s victims, Mary Jo Kopechne. Read about her below and see photos and a video.

The democrats are preparing quite a show in Denver for the next few days. They are spending hundreds of millions of dollars to put on the show. Hollywood stylists, script writers, film makers, actors, television personalities, lighting experts and who knows who else, have all been enlisted to create the production. It will be grand, indeed.

On tonight’s schedule is a Tribute to Ted Kennedy. Senator Edward Kennedy is referred to as the ‘Lion of the Senate’. He is the patriarch of the Kennedy family and is credited with making it possible for Barack Obama to be where he is today as the democratic nominee for the presidency.

As everyone knows, Teddy Kennedy has been diagnosed with brain cancer and has not been seen around much. But we hear that he and his wife, Victoria Reggie Kennedy, have made their way to Denver and will attend the DNC National Convention tonight for his tribute. Everyone is gushing about it. Film maker Ken Burns has produced a short film for the occasion. One woman gushed that there won’t be a dry eye in the house. A man gushed that he is a great senator and has dedicated his life for the good of the country. Words like ‘courageous’, ’statesman’, ‘leader’, ‘American icon’, ‘legend of the political left’, are used to describe him. Gushing tributes all around.

People talk about what a difficult life he has had. Could someone PLEASE explain that to me? What difficult life? I realize he’s had some deaths in his family, but who hasn’t? He was born with unlimited money and power and has used it throughout his life to get whatever he wants and to avoid responsibility for any of his behavior.

He has enough power and money that he was able to get the Pope to give him an annulment from his wife of many years and the mother of his children, thus, ensuring his path to heaven …. at least as far as his divorce and remarriage is concerned.

He has enough money and power that when Mary Jo Kopechne died in his car, he could come up with a far-fetched story claiming he couldn’t save her in 5 feet of water even though he was able to swim 500 feet across the channel. He didn’t report the crime until a day or so later. He not only didn’t spend a moment in jail, he kept his seat in the Senate and has been re-elected to the Senate repeatedly every since. All he had to do was put a neck brace on and go before the American people and talk about how her death affected HIM and all was forgiven.

Sorry folks, but his name is forever linked with the name of Mary Jo Kopechne. I suppose he has enough money and power that those around him choose to believe his every utterance, choose to speak of him in grandiose terms and choose to forget that he has lived a life of exceptional cowardice, gluttony, narcissism, immorality, dishonesty, childishness and self-promotion.

Take a moment and read (or listen to) his speech after he left Mary Jo Kopechne to die in his submerged car on Chappaquiddick Island. Read what he has to say in his own words, with a neck brace around his neck for good effect and see why there are those who haven’t forgotten his history and don’t view him as the great statesman he would like to be his legacy. Just because he’s lived longer than some, doesn’t make him a better person.

By his own statement, he and his family had participated in the sailing event on the island for 30 years, yet he accidentally drove off the bridge because it was dark and the bridge has an odd angle to it. He’s driven the roads on the island for 30 years, yet he’s not familiar enough to navigate them.

He was comforting Ms. Kopechne and other Kennedy campaign secretaries because they were so upset over the death of Robert Kennedy. That’s all. Nothing more. His wife would have been there, but she wasn’t feeling well.

And, he adds, he doesn’t like the fact that people implied he might have been driving drunk or conducting himself in an immoral manner! He had been at the party and had simply been comforting these ‘girls’ and was simply giving Mary Jo Kopechne a ride.

His conduct and statements over the few hours after he allowed Ms. Kopechne to drown in his car is simply inexplicable. He says he can’t explain it because he doesn’t remember it. His doctors told him it was shock. Yet, he can tell us how he felt as the water rushed into the car, how he got to the surface and how he repeatedly dove down to try to rescue Ms. Kopechne until he thought he would drown again.

He remembers clearly that he walked back to the party and got his cousins and friends to come help him. The only reason he told them not to tell anyone else was because he didn’t want to scare the other ‘girls’ who were friends of Ms. Kopechne. His only concern was for them.

He had been much too exhausted to rescue the ‘girl’ he was escorting, but for some inexplicable reason, he dove back into the water, swam across the 500 foot channel, walked to his hotel and slept till the next morning.

The next morning he called his family attorney who convinced him to report the accident. This was after some fishermen had reported to the police that they had seen a car upside down and submerged in the water.

That all makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? If he says it, it must be true.

The one thing in the speech that rang true, he said:

This last week has been an agonizing one for me and for the members of my family, and the grief we feel over the loss of a wonderful friend will remain with us the rest of our lives.

It was all about him. Awfully inconsiderate of Mary Jo Kopechne to die in his car like that and leave him to have to salvage his marriage and career.

The diver who retrieved Ms. Kopechne’s body from Senator Kennedy’s automobile said that she had survived the crash and had round an air bubble in the car. She had lived, breathing that air bubble, until the air was gone. Then she drowned.

Joan Kennedy, Ted Kennedy’s wife, attended Mary Jo Kopechne’s funeral with him. The dutiful wife stood by his side. She miscarried a baby a few days later. Of course we’re told that one of those things didn’t have anything to do with the other. By the time Kennedy paid the Vatican for his annulment from Joan, she was broken, kept from view and drowning herself in alcohol. Another one of Ted Kennedy’s victims?

Ted Kennedy will be honored by the democrats tonight. Its only fitting that his victims are remembered as well.