Here comes the Global Warming! Frost conditions expected over the midwest this morning.

Uhh, where is my damn global warming. It’s still August and I will not stand by and freeze my rear off, I just won’t stand for it. I’m going to start leaving my television on all day and night so I can increase my global footprint, I demand warmer weather. Ooops, I forgot that the new meme is global climate change, not global warming. That way, no matter what happens, George Bush is still responsible. Hurricane Katrina was clearly caused by global warming, everyone knows that. Of course, the fact that in the last two years we have had almost no hurricanes at all is also due to global warming. The absurdity of both these ideas being correct is beyond explanation, but the facts never have mattered to the Religion of Al Gore.

In the 1970s the crazies were freaking out the nation because a new ice age was upon us. Now its death due to slightly, minuscule higher temperatures. Consistency does not matter, all that does is getting people all worked up. I’m sure the DNC’s green efforts and saving us 70,000 lbs of carbon credits will save the day though.


Oh yeah, if you bought a Prius to save gas mileage your also a sucker, and a snob.

Sorry, I’m on one today, school started up again and I have to deal with 350 whiny law students, ugh.