Here is the DNC Convention schedule that includes a list of speakers and events for the DNC Convention in Denver, Colorado. The television convention highlight of the 4-day event is Barack Obama’s speech, but we will also hear the pontifications of Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Michelle Obama and others. Also see photos of the location, and an interesting video.

The DNC Convention begins officially Monday, August 25th – Thursday, August 28. We have the complete DNC convention schedule for you here. The theme this year for the 2008 Democratic Convention is “Americans Gathering To Change The Course Of A Nation.” It will be primarily held in Denver’s The Pepsi Center but Barack Obama, presumptive democratic nominee is choosing to hold his acceptance speech at the Bronco’s Invesco Field at Mile High.

The week’s events include seminars and lectures, workshops and caucuses. It is also expecting many protesters: from anarchists and tree huggers, to Cindy Sheehan and PUMA’s. Interestingly, it is the 100th anniversary of the last DNC Convention held in Denver. In 1908, the Convention took place at the Denver Arena Auditorium. That year, the delegates nominated William Jennings Bryan for their Presidential candidate and John Kern for Vice President.

Obviously, the dems were not successful that year in winning the White House.

The schedule is actually still fluid, partly because they want to work the televised portion around major demonstrations that are expected in the streets and also because each speech has yet to be vetted by the Obama team. They are reportedly micromanaging each word spoken at the convention to the consternation of the speakers.

We will have full coverage here including all of the speeches, videos and transcripts. Join us for live-blogging the DNC convention while viewing a television near you.

Democratic Convention Schedule

The convention opens strangely with a collection of family and friends of Barack Obama, along with a miscellaneous list of congressmen and women that satisfies various constituencies within the Democratic party. For the DNC convention, Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, and Tony Rezko will not be among the close acquaintances of Barack Obama who will be speaking. Neither will his grandmother as she is still under the bus.

DNC Schedule Highlights on Monday:

Michelle Obama
Tribute to Senator Ted Kennedy
Nancy Pelosi
Senator Claire McCaskill
Maya Soetero-Ng, Barack Obama’s sister
Jerry Kellman, Michelle Obama’s brother

Tuesday, August 26th

Tuesday’s theme is “Renewing America’s Promise.” The highlight is the woman Obama scorned, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and the promise that was broken to the feminist wing of the party. We will know at the end of this speech if Hillary Clinton is all in for Obama or simply making a limit raise. Rumor is that some Hillary attendees will boo Barack Obama when she mentions his name, so expect that those will be quickly drown out by planned cheers.

DNC Schedule Highlights on Tuesday:

Hillary Clinton
Former Virginia Governor Mark Warner, Keynote Speaker
Governor Chet Culver, Iowa
Governor Jim Doyle, Wisconsin
Governor Joe Manchin, West Virginia
Governor Janet Napolitano, Arizona
Governor David Paterson, New York
Governor Ed Rendell, Pennsylvania
Governor Kathleen Sebelius, Kansas
Governor Ted Strickland, Ohio
Senator Bob Casey, Jr., Pennsylvania
Senator Patrick Leahy, Vermont

Wednesday, August 27th

Wednesday’s theme “Securing America’s Future” is a who’s who among the losers in Veepstakes sweepstakes. We will be watching to see if Joe Biden can keep his speech to under one hour. We will also be watching to see if Bill Clinton upstages the carefully laid plans of Obama’s men with a sour speech that further divides the Democratic party.

DNC Schedule Highlights on Wednesday:

Vice Presidential Nominee, Joe Biden
Former President Bill Clinton
Former Senator Tom Daschle, South Dakota
Governor Bill Richardson, New Mexico
Senator Evan Bayh, Indiana
Senator John Kerry, Massachusetts
Senator Jay Rockefeller, New York
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid
Senator Ken Salazar, Colorado

Thursday, August 28th

The DNCC will move to Mile High Stadium in Denver (Invesco Field) for the highlight of the convention, Barack Obama’s acceptance speech.

DNC Schedule Highlights on Thursday:

Barack Obama at INVESCO Field, Mile High Stadium
Colorado Governor Bill Ritter, Jr.
Roll Call of the States

DNC Convention Schedule – Video
DNC – Denver Riot Preparations: Lil’ Gitmo