The U.S.S. McFaul, a Naval warship, has arrived in Georgia with humanitarian aid. Read about it below and see a photo, map and video made by the crew.

The U.S. Navy warship, USS McFaul (DDG 74) anchored at the Georgian port of Batumi on Sunday. It is carrying humanitarian aid to the Georgian people following the bloody war waged against Georgia by Russia.

Russia has promised cease fires and to pull her troops out of Georgia several times and each time has failed to do so. Most recently, as a result of one of these promises, Russia has pulled the bulk of her troops out of Georgia proper. However, she has built up troops in and around of the two separatist regions that have been the source of contention between Georgia and Russia. Both of these regions, South Ossetia and Abkhazia, are within Georgian borders.

The Russian military is also maintaining and shoring up its forces at military posts throughout Georgia.

The McFaul is an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer. It is outfitted with Tomahawk cruise missiles capable of carrying either conventional or nuclear warhead and a state of the art radar system. The guided missile destroyer is delivering 80 pallets that contain 55 tons of humanitarian aid. Its delivering items such as baby food, diapers, bottled water and milk. Its the first of three American ships that are scheduled to arrive in Georgia this week.

Georgians suffered a devastating attack by Russian forces. Cities and towns across the nation were badly damaged and tens of thousands of people were displaced. Undisciplined Russian troops wrecked havoc with the civilian population.

Of course, the commander of the U.S. task force carrying aid to Georgia, Navy Captain John Moore, says that the warship is nothing but a vehicle by which to carry aid to Georgia. Its nothing but a humanitarian mission. Georgian Defense Minister David Kezerashvili along with other Georgian officials, met the McFaul. Kezerashvili declared that the arrival of this ship along with the expected arrival of other American destroyers is a welcomed boost for the Georgian people.

“They will feel safe not because the destroyer is here but because they will feel they are not alone facing the Russian aggression,”

Russian Col. Gen. Anatoly Nogovitsyn is predictably quoted as suggesting that the arrival of the ship will worsen relations with other NATO nations that share coasts on the Black Sea. Those nations are Turkey, Romania and Bulgaria.

As Right Pundits has written before, Georgia stands is on a major oil route from Azerbaijan and other nations on the Caspian Sea. Should Russia gain control of Georgia, they will have taken a major step to controlling all oil and gas that is exported for former Soviet Union states to the West. That, of course, would give Russia dominance of the oil industry going to the West and force Western governments to pay whatever price Russia chose to put on the gas and oil.

Coincidentally, also on Sunday, a train carrying oil from an Azerbaijani company to a Georgian Black Sea port exploded and started an oil fire. The catastrophe shut down the oil pipelines for hours. The Georgians say that the fire was started by mines planted on the railway by the Russians. Sparks from the fire set fire to and started a series of explosions at a nearby disused munitions storage site.

While the U.S. is commenting on American and NATO ships in the Black Sea, there’s no word about specific NATO ships or forces that have gone to the aid of Georgia.

It looks like the United States has drawn a line and told Russia not to cross it, which is what needed to be done. If Russia took control of Georgia and then proceeded with their stated plan of taking the Ukraine and then Poland, then Europe would be held hostage by Russia’s control of all the oil and gas that goes into Western Europe. I’m sure the leaders of the European nations understand what the United States just did on their behalf. I’m just as sure that the common man in Europe doesn’t have any idea that we most likely just saved their asses once again. Its one thing for Russia to ravage a small nation like Georgia, its a totally different thing for Russia to ravage a small nation like Georgia with American warships in its ports.

The message being sent is clear. The line has been drawn. Georgians are not alone in this fight and they won’t be sacrificed for the sake of appeasing the Russian appetite for oil and power. The U.N. and NATO are still discussing what to do about Russia and are still ineffective.

And the Western Europeans can continue to criticize America without ever having to think about or remember what their lives had been like before they lived under American protection.

U.S.S. McFaul – Video