Now that we have the big Obama Drama out of the way and he has picked Joe Biden as his running mate, its time to turn our attention to who will the the McCain VP. Let’s look at the options below.

When the big build up over who would be the Obama Vice Presidential running mate finally came to a climax just after midnight this morning there was a flurry of reaction. After the shock and anger on the side of the democrats, they pulled themselves together and got their talking points in order. By the time they were analyzing it on television today it was all squared away. The explanations and rationale were set and everybody was on message. Obama needs Biden to relate to the ‘average’ American because he is, after all, one of them.

After a period of shock and delight on the part of the non-democrats, they are still laughing.

So now we turn our attention to the John McCain vice president. Frankly, just about anyone will look presidential and be able to wipe the floor with Obama and Biden in a debate. But I digress.

Here are the options for McCain’s pick. What do you think? Who would benefit the ticket? Who do you think he’ll pick and why? Have I left out anyone that you think is on the short-list?

In no particular order ….

Sarah Palin is the favorite of many. She is the Governor of Alaska. Unfortunately, her resume is a tad thin, however, she makes up for that with having accomplished a great deal in the time she has spent in politics. She’s tackled corruption in Alaska. She is young and dynamic. She’s tough as evidenced by the fact that she recently went into labor while on business in Texas and flew to Alaska, while in labor, to have her baby there. She’s a strong advocate for our military and has traveled to the war zone with McCain. Of course, there’s the issue that a lot of people think Palin is HOT – but that doesn’t minimize her ability to govern. She’s also got a lovely family. You can read her biography at Right Pundits.

Carly Fiorina, former Hewlett-Packard CEO. She has been appearing with McCain and serving as a surrogate. She is also young, dynamic and tough. She has a strong appeal with businesswomen and brings business expertise to the ticket.

She and eBay CEO, Meg Whitman, will be speaking at the Republican National Convention. Their contributions at the convention will be a focus on the economy.

mitt Romney 32Mitt Romney is an obvious choice. In fact, many people think he is the choice. Romney is tough on terrorism. He’s a strong supporter of our troops and strong on national security. He performed excellently in the presidential debates during his campaign. His is smart, articulate and tough. He even looks presidential.

Romney has a history of being more liberal when he was younger. His views have become more conservative over time. He is generally liked by the conservatives. Some people think that his Mormon faith will be a problem, I don’t see why it would. Most people would feel comfortable with him stepping into the Presidency should that be needed at some point. He carries a lot of cache in Michigan and Massachusetts.

Tim Pawlenty is considered a real contender for the position as McCain’s VP. Pawlenty is currently in his second term as the Governor of Minnesota. He has traveled the country speaking and campaigning on behalf of John McCain. He is the 47-year-old son of a truck driver and was the first in his family to go to college. As he’s traveled across the country campaigning for McCain he has won over many fans. He was virtually an unknown prior to his involvement in this campaign. But he has proven himself to be an affective surrogate. Blue collar Americans like him because he really is one of them.

Bobby Jindal has pretty much closed the door to the job. He has been said to be on the short list, but has said clearly that he wants to keep the job he has for the time being, that he doesn’t want to be vice president and that he is not in the running for the job.

There have been hints that McCain will pick an unconventional running mate. That has led to speculation that he might pick his close friend Senator Joe Lieberman or former Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge. Both of these men would be excellent choices in many aspects. However, they would be risky choices in that they would alienate the already fragile relationship McCain has with the conservative right. Both men are pro-choice. Lieberman was a long-time democrat until his party threw him under the bus for his pro national security stances. He is now an Independent, but his record is still left of center.

Another option that has been floated as unconventional is General David Petraeus, the top U.S. Commander in the Global War on Terrorism.

Of course there are others … but these seem to be at the top of the list. Any thoughts on it?

Tim Pawlenty 5/2

Mike Huckabee 8/1

Chuck Hagel 45/1

Joe Lieberman 13/1

Condoleeza Rice 10/1

Mitt Romney 5/7

Rudolph Giuliani 35/1

Charlie Crist 6/1

Kay Bailey Hutchison 22/1

Michael Bloomberg 25/1

Chris Cox 10/1

Lindsay Graham 13/1

Mark Sanford 18/1

Sarah Palin 6/1

Rob Portman 7/1

John Kasich 20/1

Haley Barbour 22/1

Bobby Jindal 8/1

Tom Coburn 25/1

Colin Powell 65/1