Madonna has kicked off her Sticky and Sweet Tour, apparently to prove that turning 50 hasn’t changed her ability to perform. Read about it below and see a photo and a video.

Madonna turned 50 a couple of weeks ago and is has just launched her ‘Sticky and Sweet’ tour. The concert is in four segments Pimp, Old School, Gypsy and Rave. I’ve read she’s wearing millions of dollars worth of jewels and needed tractor trailer trucks to haul her wardrobe. That doesn’t even cover the entourage that follows her around to meet her every need.

I don’t begrudge Madonna her wealth. I don’t begrudge anyone their wealth. As a matter of fact, I’d like to be wealthy. The problem is that people of wealth seem to be hell bent on taking away everyone else’s wealth. Just check out some of Hollywood Idol, Barack Obama’s desire to take from the middle class wealthy and give to the poor.

So why would I bring up politics in relation to Madonna? Cause she does.

First, you need to understand that she lives in a castle on an estate in Britain somewhere. She has a gazillion dollars and pretty much anything she wants. She is an American ex-patriot …. and she used this latest ‘Sticky and Sweet’ concert tour to slam John McCain and continue the hollywood glorification of Barack Obama.

Where’d she do this first concert in her tour? London, I think. Well, during the concert she used an interlude to knock people over the head with not-so-subtle images to demonize McCain and sanctify Obama. Surely it wasn’t intended to be subliminal, but it was about a subtle as a train wreck.

During an interlude images of fire and brimstone, destruction and … gasp …. global warming, were flashed on a screen. Those images were followed by images of Adolph Hitler, Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe and … you guessed it …. John McCain.

Later, the same screen was used to project images of peace, love, doves and rainbows. There were images of Beatle John Lennon, Al Gore, Mahatma Gandhi and … you guessed it … Barack Obama.

The Material Girl actually compares Al Gore and Barack Obama to Mahatma Gandhi. I don’t know what John Lennon was doing in there, unless he’s been raised to the status of saint now.

Okay, so I just posted this because I wanted to post that picture of her! I admit it, but its more than that too.

Madonna may be an excellent businesswoman, fantastic at selling herself, a fabulous dancer and showwoman, buff as all hell, not to mention sticky and sweet – but really, she needs to just shut up and sing.

Madonna: Sticky and Sweet Tour – Video