Crystal Mangum is the woman behind the Duke Lacrosse scandal of a couple of years ago. Her identity was protected throughout the ordeal that began with her accusations of rape. Now she’s going public … and with a book to sell. Read about her below and see photos and a video.

Crystal Mangum’s manager has announced plans to release a tell-all memoir entitled “The Last Dance for Grace: The Crystal Mangum Story.” It is scheduled to invade your mind and pocketbook in October 08. For the few who may have forgotten, this is the person that cried rape at Duke University and brought about so much collateral damage that many have yet to catch their breath.

Ms. Hootchie mama sure has a lot of nerve still playing the victim. It is David Evans, Collin Finnerty and Reade Seligmann that have suffered, along with their families and friends. I will even say that Mike Nifong was her victim, too. An opportunist will seize any situation to further their agenda, and won’t let facts get in the way.

Co-author Vincent Clark had this to say about the *memoir*.

It is “the only definitive account of the life and struggles of the woman at the center of the Duke Lacrosse case, the alleged accuser.

“Were it not for the Duke Lacrosse Case, she likely would be described as a bright, young woman from Durham, North Carolina, who has had a difficult life.”

He referred to her as the *alleged* accuser. What? She either is or is not, and charging documents say she did accuse.

Ms. Mangum herself has criminal past and arrest record, yet when this Duke LaCrosse rape story broke, almost everyone convicted the men involved without any facts present, other than those presented by the accuser.

This is a story that should never have happened, but it did. This story should end with the real victim’s being able to put this behind them, not be reminded of some female’s accusations nor a prosecutor’s selfishness. Yet here we go again, because Crystal Mangum wants to tell the world about her victimization. Poor, poor, please feel sorry for me and buy my book Crystal. She plans on donating one whole dollar from every book sold to the issue of domestic violence. (Translation: look how well Nicole Simpson’s sister did when she promised to champion women caught up in domestic violence).

I feel strongly she should have been prosecuted herself for what appears to be false allegations, for making it harder for women that have actually been raped. For continuing to profit from the misery and pain she inflicted.

Many people have had hard lives, faced numerous tragedies and gone on with their lives without inflicting suffering on others. Crystal Mangum’s excuse of a bad childhood is what is … an excuse. Look at Oprah … she had a horrid childhood …. much worse than Ms. Mangums. So, if you want to help Crystal in her efforts at re-victimizing some real decent guys and their families and loved ones, go ahead, buy her book. Careful, though … as callous as this thing is, you might go blind by the time you reach the second page.

They’ve got a video out on the new book!