Coming soon to a federal government near you, Orwellian style health insurance. Everyone on the left, are in a tizzy about getting national healthcare system. Free health insurance for all!!! Let the good times roll. That is, until you remember, this is the government we are talking about here. You see, government doesn’t really care about you, because government is comprised of a bunch of politicians who only see you as a potential vote. So they come out with these great ideas, such as nationalized health care, and then comes the red tape.

I won’t even touch on the economic consequences of nationalized healthcare today, instead, it is stories like this that worry me much more. Apparently in Alabama, which suffers from the country’s highest obesity rate, state employees will have to start paying and extra $25 per month for health insurance if they are deemed obese. Once diagnosed as being obese, they will then have the opportunity to enter a wellness program to help educate them and start loosing weight. However, if they have not shown progress by their next big brother check-up, there goes $25 bucks a month.

As I mentioned above, the thing that scares me the most about any kind of socialized medicine (I was on medicaid while in law school, so I have some experience) is that the government is suddenly involved in all kinds of personal health decisions. While HMOs and insurance companies do this to some extent already, at least you have some market pressures and regulations to keep them in line (we need to do much better at this though). However, when it is the government itself making these decisions, as far as who gets what kind of care, there is no one to check them. Some slimy bureaucrat will be the one who is going to say, “sorry, we will only pay for 2 children, you must now see Dr. Smith for a mandatory abortion.” Yeah yeah, things will never get that far, just ask the Chinese.