This coming Monday, John McCain will be having a fundraiser in Beverly Hills (at the Hilton, naturally), of all places! Angie Harmon looks to be one of the only attendees under 100 years old, but that’s ok, because she’s hot enough for all of them. Also in attendance will be Robert Duvall, Craig T. Nelson and David Zucker. John Cryer (also under 100) of Two and a Half Men will be there, too. Harmon and Cryer are actively working in Hollywood right now (Harmon is the star of Women’s Murder Club), which should prove interesting. Will they be blacklisted for being conservatives?

Readers may scoff at the notion of a new Hollywood blacklist, but remember, it was only a few weeks ago that Jonathan Crutchley of the gay sex site Manhunter was forced to resign from his job because he donated to McCain. The gay board of Manhunter decided that Crutchley could not coexist with them, as they found Crutchley’s donation “offensive”. Why should Hollywood behave differently, with the likes of George Clooney and Sheryl Crow running around?