Obama has been caught in a series of lies about his stances on various issues. The most recent are his lies on his stance on abortion. He is rapidly falling from the lofty heights he’s so enjoyed. Read about it below and see videos of his various conflicting statements.

Obama seems to love to stand in front of huge crowds of people and soak in their adulation. Unfortunately for him, the less he is able to stand up and wax philosophic and the more he is having to answer specific questions, the more we are seeing Obama naked metaphorically.

In the last day or two he’s been hoisted on his own petard by his abysmal attempts to appear to be more of a centrist than the radical far left Marxist his history and voting record would indicate that he is. In particular, he’s been cornered on his abortion lies. Right Pundits has written about Obama’s abortion policy before.

What’s a politician to do when he has been sitting in a Black Liberation Theology church for 20 plus years, associating with known communists, terrorists, radical American haters and felons convicted of political corruption. It would all be well and good except when that politician decides to run for President and needs the Middle American Bible thumping xenophobes who cling to their guns to vote for him. Then he can’t let people know who he really is so better the big crowds than taking the chance he might have to speak off the cuff without a script.

That’s what happened to him at the Saddleback Civil Forum, after all. In that forum he had a heck of a time giving straight answers to straight questions.

When asked about abortion in front of a Christian audience at that forum, he dodged the question by saying it was ‘above his pay grade’ and then continued in a philosophical vein about how he is pro-choice because he believes that will reduce abortions by reducing unwanted pregnancies. He went off on that tangent without ever really answering when a baby has the right to basic human rights.

However, he DID state that he did not favor late term abortions unless the mother’s health was at risk.

Unfortunately for him, that statement is in direct conflict with statements he has made throughout his political career and with his voting record. When his opponents brought up his record, he accused them of lying. But the evidence is clear that it is Obama who is trying to lie about his record and beliefs.

Here, in his own words, he argues for infanticide. He argues that doctors helping a baby born alive after a botched abortion puts a burden on the would-be mother. This is his argument against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act at the Illinois state legislature in April of 2002.

Obama Naked – Video

And who can forget how he described a baby as a ‘punishment’. He states he wouldn’t want his daughters ‘punished’ with a baby if they make a mistake ….

Obama Naked – Video

And lets not forget about Jill Stanek. She’s the registered nurse who sat in a soiled linen closet and held a tossed aside baby while it died. One of those baby’s that would be a burden or a punishment to the mother that didn’t want it. She testified about seeing babies born and then set aside and left to die. She testified in front of Obama about this issue twice and before the U.S. Congress in support of the Born Alive Infant Protection Act.

Obama’s response was indifferent to the viable babies Stanek discussed. As has been his consistent pattern, he spoke of the burden the unwanted child would put on the mother.

At the end of the hearing, according to the official records of the Illinois State senate, Obama thanked Stanek for being “very clear and forthright,�? but said his concern was that Stanek had suggested “doctors really don’t care about children who are being born with a reasonable prospect of life because they are so locked into their pro-abortion views that they would watch an infant that is viable die.�? He told her, “That may be your assessment, and I don’t see any evidence of that. What we are doing here is to create one more burden on a woman and I can’t support that.�?

I don’t really believe that Roe vs. Wade is going to be overturned. I do believe that reason needs to prevail in this emotionally charged debate. At what point DOES the rights of a human baby become as much of a concern as the wishes of a would-be mother? At what point in time is that baby deserving of basic human rights?

However the debates ebb and flow over what point a soul enters the fetus, I find it hard to believe that a reasonable person would perceive a viable living infant as nothing but aborted tissue. A tumor that’s been removed that needs to be disposed of. At what point do we become a society in danger of losing basic human empathy for the most fragile and vulnerable among us?

Who can criticize doctors for caring for an infant born alive that was intended to be aborted? Apparently, Barack Obama can.

Obama lies and babies die.