Obama’s campaign is crying foul that the McCain campaign has put out a rebuttal to Obama’s most recent ad. Got that straight? It all has to do with housing. Read about it below and see the video about Tony Rezko.

Tony Rezko is a long time Obama friend and confidant who has recently been convicted on corruption charges in connection to wheeling and dealing in Chicago and national politics. Boiled down, that means he got political favors for giving things to politicians. We all know that those kinds of deals, trading goods for favors, has been going on since the first cave man declared himself king of the caves.

Everyone but Barack Obama, that is. He claims he didn’t know it. He claims that He had no idea Rezko was doing that sort of thing! SHOCKING. He’s shocked, I tell you.

Yes, he helped Obama get a lovely mansion in Chicago with some extra property on the side for good measure. And yes, he wanted a few little million dollars worth of pork barrel favors in return. But Barack didn’t know Rezko was like that. In fact, he said, ‘This isn’t the Tony Rezko I knew …’ Kind of like that wasn’t the Jeremiah Wright he knew, or the William Ayers he knew.

Is anyone else starting to worry about whether or not Obama knows anyone he knows? The man is obviously obtuse and goes gaily through life without knowing what anyone around him is doing.

He also whines.

You see, yesterday McCain didn’t want to answer a question about how many houses he had. Obama’s campaign immediately jumped on that, put out an ad and spread the word that McCain didn’t KNOW how many houses he had. They even counted McCain’s houses for him. (Remember, we have talked before about repeating something often enough that people start believing it – this is an example of that.)

McCain immediate came back with an oh-do-you-REALLY-want-to-go-there kind of ad (see ad video below). If Obama wants to go there, then McCain can up the ante with Obama housing problems that make anyone else’s issues pale in comparison.

Then, to make matters even worse, a 527 group called American Issues Project has put out a slick ad about Obama’s relationship with domestic terrorist, convicted felon, unrepentant murderer and American traitor, William Ayers. Oh my. I suppose that’s not really the Bill Ayers Obama knew either. I’ll include that video below the fold as well, just for fun.

Obama certainly seems to surround himself with unsavory characters that he has no idea are unsavory. That’s really bad luck, isn’t it.

Of course, now the Obama campaign is crying like a great big ol’ baby and saying the McCain’s campaign isn’t playing fair. They want to sling mud and then hide their hands behind their backs and then cry when someone hits back at them.

Honestly, can anyone actually believe that Obama’s campaign even opened up the door to a housing debate to begin with? Rezko has been convicted and is awaiting sentencing in October. Its in the news ANYWAY and now Obama’s people just highlighted it for everybody.

Who’s running that campaign? A bunch of teenagers? Oh – well … adolescent democrats is kind of redundant, isn’t it.

Tony Rezko – Video

William Ayers – Video