The discovery of Barack Obama’s brother living in squalid conditions in Kenya raises serious questions about the candidate himself. George Hussein Onyango Obama was found living in a cardboard shack in the slums of Nairobi.

Obama the candidate speaks eloquently about helping the poor, often referring to his adopted Christian religion and quoting bible passages about the meekest among us. When speaking about Hurricane Katrina, for example, he invoked Christ’s Sermon on the Mount to chastise the federal government for failing to help our brothers in need.

And yet Obama’s brother was found living on one dollar per month in a 6×9 shanty that is about the size of your bathroom. Barack Obama is a multi-millionaire who did nothing to help his own brother.

One might dismiss ignoring a brother’s plight as the oversight of a busy campaigner except that questions were already raised after Obama released his tax returns earlier in 2008. They show an appallingly low percentage of charitable contributions, raising even more eyebrows that most of the miserly widow’s mites went to Jeremiah Wright’s controversial church.

And yet Barack Obama has only laid eyes on his brother twice, once when he was a child and once when Obama visited Kenya. He did nothing to help a Muslim brother in need. In an indifferent passage in his autobiography, the younger brother is described as a “beautiful boy with a rounded head”.

One of the reasons he joined Trinity United church in Chicago is that it ascribes to liberation theology which often manifests itself with a warrior-like Jesus Christ. Liberation theology, long denounced by the Catholic church, has been the cause of bloody uprisings around the world in the name of promoting peasants to power.

Obama’s own brand is the “black” liberation theology of Trinity United which puts Africa first. It denounces the United States as the cause of world evils and particularly asserts that helping Africans like George Hussein Onyango Obama is of paramount importance.

The half-brother, George Hussein Onyango Obama, is only 26 years old. Do not confuse him with the other brother who has been trafficking in cheap Chinese labor.

Brother George would like to go to college but cannot afford it. Meanwhile he is simply trying to stay alive in an often brutal slum, saying “I have seen two of my friends killed. I have scars from defending myself with my fists.”

How can the Democratic candidate for President of the United States live with the hypocrisy and shame?

Editorial Video on Obama’s Brother