Lets file this one under “take with a grain of salt”. However, Zogby shows in his latest poll that McCain has surged to a 5 point lead, which erases a 7 point lead held by Obama just a month ago. McCain leads 46-41. The real damage from this poll comes from two sources. First, McCain now leads by 9 points on who would be the best manager of the economy (49-40). This is significant, because as Obama likes to remind us, the past 8 years has been the worst economic cycle for America in history. Second, Obama still has a lot of work to do with Democrats. According to Zogby, right now he only gets 74% of Democrats while McCain gets 81%. Remember when it was McCain who was supposed to have the hard time getting his base fired up?

So, I file this under “take with a grain of salt” mostly because Zogby is really a horrible pollster. He got lucky one year and everyone thought he was great, but his national tracking polls have a horrific history. With that being said, he is left-leaning and you combine this poll with the LA Times poll that just came out, and you have to believe that there is a definite trend going towards John McCain. I’m not sure where that number is, but I guess he has somewhere between a 3-5 point lead nationally, and that doesn’t even factor in the Bradley Effect.

So, do the Super Delegates get super nervous? Could we see some roll call shenanigans at the convention next week? I doubt it, but it would sure be fun. Also, I wonder if this poll forces Obama to drop his VP name a bit earlier just to take the media focus away?

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