A new condom ringtone has been launched to promote safe sex in India. Condom fashion and art is also being used to promote the use of condoms to reduce the risk of AIDS and HIV. Read about it below and see photos of condom fashion.

India has the fastest growing cellphone market in the world. The country has approximately 270 million users. The market there is growing by about 57% per year. The country also has about 2.5 million people who are living with the HIV virus and growing. So it seems that India is the right market to promote a new condom ringtone in an effort to try to promote safe sex.

The foundation founded by Bill and wife Melinda Gates is funding the effort through the BBC World Service Trust charity. They are hoping that the new condom ringtone will become all the rage for Indian youth and help make it more socially acceptable to discuss and use condoms. Its called ‘condom a cappella’ and when the cell phone rings it chants ‘condom, condom’.

That sounds enormously irritating. Maybe its a subliminal thing. You know, repeating ‘condom, condom’ over and over again might subliminally make people robotically use condoms when their feeling frisky. I’m just hoping people remember to turn their phones off when they go into meetings. It could be a tad embarrassing. More embarrassing than it usually is when a phone does its thing during a meeting.

But, I suppose that’s what they’re trying to get past … the embarrassment of openly discussing condoms.

Condom fashion is interesting (see photo above). On a good night, you could end up with just pieces of your dress left. Did I just write that?

Condom Fashion – Video