You can read more about this over at NRO. Apparently the Obama-Ayers relationship goes beyond the simple “hey, this is just a guy who lived down the street” like Obama claimed. Apparently, Bill Ayers (of the Weather Underground and responsible for the death of military officials) set up an organization called the Chicago Annenberg Challenge. As one of the founders and guiding forces of this organization he is almost certainly responsible for getting Obama appointed to the position of COB. Since Ayers ran the key operating part of the Annenberg Challenge, it is beyond belief that he would not have had some close and ongoing personal relationship with Obama.

Obama would have us believe that Ayers was just some dude he knew, but in light of this evidence, the fact that he launched his bid for office from Ayers house seems to indicate that this was a much closer and deeper friendship. Certainly I’m not surprised, after all, he considered the Rev. Wright a mentor, this guy is just attracted to radicals.

Here is an interview with Bill Bennet talking with Stanley Kurtz. As you find out, the most disturbing part is that after getting permission to access hundreds of files regarding this Anneberg Challenge Foundation being housed at the University of Illinois Chicago, his access was suddenly and mysteriously denied. Sounds like the fix is in.