Meet Jill Biden, a school teacher, English professor and wife of long time United States Senator from Delaware, Joe Biden. Read her biography below and see photos and a video of her.

Jill Biden readily admits that she probably wouldn’t be involved in politics if she hadn’t married Joe Biden. At the same time, she admits that it was her and her family that talked her husband into running for the 2008 nomination of the Democratic Party for the Presidency. She says she just couldn’t believe that President Bush had been re-elected in 2004. She says that not a single person she knew had voted for President Bush. She says she felt strongly that the country needed her husband, with his 40-year history of service in the Senate, to set the country in the right direction.

She works full time and, during his campaign, spent her weekends campaigning for him, usually in Iowa. She has said she likes being in Iowa.

Joe Biden is Obama’s vice presidential running mate. Many people feel that his wife is his best asset.

Life is rapidly changing for Jill Biden. A relative unknown just a few days ago, she is suddenly having to adjust to life in the spotlight. The country is starting to get to know just who this pretty woman is. Read more about her.

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Jill Biden Biography

Jill Tracy Jacobs was raised in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania. She is 57-years-old. She met Joe when she was at the University of Delaware. They were introduced by Joe’s brother. They dated for two years before they married. She married Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. on June 17, 1977 at the United Nations chapel in New York City. When she married Joe, she married him as well as his two sons from his first marriage. She has said that the whole family married, including going on the honeymoon together.

Joe Biden’s first wife, Neilia Hunter Biden, who he married in 1966, was killed in a car accident on December 18, 1972. His infant daughter, Naomi was also killed in the accident. Both of his sons, Joseph R. “Beau” Biden III and Robert Hunter Biden, were critically injured in the accident. The 29-year-old Biden was just a month away from taking his Senate seat for the first time. He took his oath of office in the hospital by their bedsides. Both of the boys completely recovered from their injuries.

In addition to Joe’s two sons, Jill and Joe had a daughter in 1981, Ashley Blazer Biden.

Joe Biden’s wife is an English professor at the Delaware Technical and Community College. Professionally she has been a reading specialist, an English high school teacher and a teacher in a mental health institution.

Jill founded the Biden Breast Health Initiative that focuses on education of early breast cancer detection.

Jill Biden – Video