Here are the latest Michigan polls in the 2008 general election presidential race between Barack Obama and John McCain. Polls for the battleground state will be continually updated so return to this article daily.

Update 11/3/08 – Barack Obama has pulled away in this state and is on track to win Michigan easily.

Update 9/8/08 – The first post-convention poll shows Obama with only a one point lead. Significantly the poll was done by PPP, a Democrat outfit which tends to skew their candidates. Do not be surprised if upcoming polls show McCain-Palin leading in Michigan for the first time.

Update 8/23/08 – Nothing has budged in the last three polls which consistently show Obama leading by a couple of points. The Detroit News polls is identical to their result from one month ago.

Update 8/20/2008 – All summer long the polls have consistently shown Obama ahead of McCain in the Wolverine state, although the race does appear to be slightly tightening. The first poll taken in August after Obama’s national support began deteriorating still shows Obama with a 4 point lead.

Conventional wisdom is that Michigan is in play this year as a battleground state in contrast with prior election years. This pundits explain the competitiveness in terms of blue collar Democrats who Obama seemingly disparaged during the primary season. Those so-called Reagan Democrats voted overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton.

We doubt that Michigan is really in play although time will tell. One move that might help John McCain here is by selecting Mitt Romney as a running mate. If that happens then we will recalibrate odds for Obama and McCain given that the Romney name is golden in the state.

Battleground polls for all other states are here.

Michigan Polls (McCain Obama)

The latest general election polls are below.

Rasmussen (10/28/2008)
Barack Obama – 53%
John McCain – 37%

Detroit News (10/26 – 10/28/2008)
Barack Obama – 50%
John McCain – 38%

Detroit Free Press (10/28 – 10/31/2008)
Barack Obama – 53%
John McCain – 37%