Here are the latest Ohio polls in the 2008 general election presidential race between Barack Obama and John McCain. Polls for the battleground state will be continually updated so return to this article daily.

Update 11/3/08 – Neck and neck after a McCain was running behind in October. Rasmussen poll show a statistical tie 49-49%!

Update 9/10/08 – Latest Rasmussen survey shows McCain pulling away in Ohio. Rasmussen’s battleground state polling is inconsistent after the conventions, but this one clearly indicates a Palin bounce.

Update 9/5/08 – Latest CNN poll continues to show the race neck and neck. However, this poll is post DNC convention but before the RNC convention which is expected to generate a McCain bounce because of Sarah Palin’s presence on the ticket.

Update 8/23/2008 – All recent polls show McCain tied or leading Obama in Ohio. We can now say that Ohio is leaning McCain, although just barely.

Update 8/18/2008 – Data for this swing state is all over the map. Since early summer John McCain has led in about two-thirds of polls taken while Obama has led in the remainder. The race is very close but the data is inconsistent. Rasmussen had McCain up 10 points in late July while Quinnipiac has Barack Obama up two points today, which is a six point swing toward McCain comparing their last two voter surveys. The latest survey has it all tied up.

Conventional wisdom remains that Ohio is a key battleground state. Almost all scenarios suggest that John McCain will need the state to win the general election. Barack Obama can still win without Ohio in his column, but he will have a desperate need bring home Virginia and Colorado, states in which he is currently trailing slightly.

Battleground polls for all other states are here.

Ohio Polls (McCain Obama)

The latest general election polls are below.

Rasmussen (11/2/2008)
Barack Obama – 49%
John McCain – 49%

Survey USA (10/30- 11/2/2008)
Barack Obama – 48%
John McCain – 46%

Quinnipiac (10/27 – 11/2/2008)
Barack Obama – 50%
John McCain – 43%

Mason – Dixon (10/29 – 10/30/2008)
Barack Obama – 45%
John McCain – 47%

Zogby (10/30 – 11/2/2008)
Barack Obama – 50%
John McCain – 44%