Tropical storm Fay is bearing down on Florida. Read about it below and see illustrations and a video.

Tropical storm Fay is over Western Cuba this morning and headed for the Gulf of Mexico and the Florida Keys. Once Fay moves across Cuba and is again over the warm water of the Caribbean, it will start regaining strength. Its expected to become a category one hurricane at some point today. The storm’s current track will take it over the Florida Keys and into the Gulf of Mexico. Its expected to make landfall sometime on Tuesday evening. The strength of the storm when it makes landfall will depend on how long it moves through the gulf before coming onshore.

Meanwhile, there has been a nightmare for people evacuating the Keys. Long lines of steady traffic have been north bound on the 110-mile two lane highway that connects the chain of islands to the mainland. Officials have issued a mandatory evacuation order for all visitors to the area and encouraged residents and business owners to leave. Schools are closed and shelters have been set up. A Miami fundraiser for John McCain has been canceled.

Governor Charlie Crist has declared a state of emergency and has 9,000 National Guardsmen available if needed.

Hurricane Fay – Video

Hurricane Fay – Video
Residents brace for Fay