Barack Obama supporters are outraged that John McCain wasn’t really in a cone of silence during the recent Saddleback Church Forum. Read about it below and see a photo and a video of the controversy.

John McCain did so much better in the recent Saddleback Civil Forum on the Presidency conducted by Rick Warren that Barack Obama supporters are looking for whatever excuses they can find for the profound differences in their abilities to think on their feet. Yes, I know, its silly and its sad. Unfortunately, its true.

The whole thing was started with an NBC report by Andrea Mitchell. Her report on Sunday morning’s Meet the Press was that the Obama campaign was putting the idea out there that McCain wasn’t really in a ‘cone of silence’ and could hear the questions ahead of time. In other words, Obama’s people knew he didn’t do well and were looking for an excuse for Obama.

The leftist blogs are all aflutter that there wasn’t really a cone of silence that John McCain was sitting in somewhere in the back of the church.

You see, they just knew that he had to have cheated or surely he couldn’t have performed so well while their guy stammered and stuttered and bloviated his way through the interview.

I feel that its necessary that I straighten this whole thing out before the leftist get themselves worked all up into a lather and get so mad they might just …. be mad or something.

First. McCain has asked Obama to debate him on numerous occasions and Obama has demurred each time. He is obviously not in a hurry to met McCain one on one …. man to man …. on the field of debate. That in itself is an interesting fact for someone who is aspiring to be President of the United States.

But then, when one is in a debate that person has to listen to someone’s voice other than his own. That could be uncomfortable for someone so in love with the sound of his own voice.

Second. Anyone who watched the Saddleback Forum the other night should have been aware that the ‘cone of silence’ discussion was intended to be funny. It was said in a humorous manner and both men laughed when Rick Warren asked John McCain if he’d been in the ‘cone of silence’ back stage. If you weren’t aware that it was a joke, you should have been. If you weren’t aware of the humor in the question, then you need to have your funny bone checked because its obviously out of alignment.

Third. This is a Presidential election. Its not a game show and its not ‘Get Smart’. The likelihood of there actually being a ‘cone of silence’ somewhere in the bowels of that church are extremely remote to any thinking person. Most people would understand that would be not only unlikely, but ridiculous.

Fourth. The candidates chose who went first by a coin toss. Fair and square. Plus, McCain wasn’t even in the building during Obama’s segment. Give me a break. Do you seriously think he was standing at the back of the stage with a glass to his ear holding it up against the wall trying to learn something from Obama’s answers? What world do you live in?

Fifth. Anyone who has heard McCain in his blogger conferences or in his frequent town hall meetings know that what we saw of McCain in the Saddleback Civil Forum is typical of how he conducts himself in those situations. While the left may be accustomed to every question being answered as though its an exercise in academic dissertation, most people don’t talk like that. Most of us are not so much in love with the sound of our own voice and are fully aware that other people might have something of value to add to a conversation. McCain is direct, straightforward and concise. He thinks quickly on his feet and is well versed on the issues. He doesn’t have to hem and haw and pause to think through every permeation of every question and answer and how every possible person might interpret it before he answers.

When someone answers questions honestly, he doesn’t have to spend so much time crafting his answers for the audience he is speaking to. McCain is who he is and doesn’t try to pretend to be something he’s not.

The bottom line is, Obama didn’t do so well when he didn’t have a script in front of him. That is McCain’s forte. McCain did better in that forum. Get over it.

McCain Cone of Silence