Portia de Rossi became Ellen Degeneres’ wife in an intimate ceremony in California. See photos and read about the gay (happy) couple below and a video of wedding photos.

Ellen Degeneres, 50, and her long-time love, Portia de Rossi, 35, married in an intimate ceremony at their $33 million mansion in Los Angeles, California. The couple only had 20 guests in attendance along with both of their mothers, Betty Degeneres and Margaret Rogers. The couple took photos, sat down for an interview for Ellen’s talk show and danced. There was a lot of dancing. Check out the wedding photos.

The couple started dating in December of 2004. Ellen famously came ‘out of the closet’ on her television show years ago and Portia credits Ellen with her own ‘coming out’.

By all reports, the wedding was lovely and tasteful. Portia wore a light pink Cinderella type gown, complete with train. Ellen stayed with her pants, shirt and vest attire in white.

While they present a more tasteful couple than say … Rosie O’Donnell and her *wife* Kelly Carpenter, I still am uncomfortable with *gay* marriage. I’m also uncomfortable with the homosexual community hijacking the word ‘gay’. Its a perfectly good word for ‘happy’ that doesn’t mean what it used to mean. I bet there are people who don’t even know that the word actually means ‘happy’.

I do believe that some people are born homosexual, with either something missing, or a something else added …. but I also think the numbers would be quite small.

Before people start slinging insults at that those of us that live in the straight world and hold straight values, remember we are entitled to our feelings, too. There was a time when we did not have to explain ourselves nor make excuses for believing what we do. There was a time when political correctness wasn’t an issue. Honest … really, there was!!!

Just because some people choose to be oh so very politically correct and kiss every fanny, does not mean it’s the right or moral thing to do. Just because *they* no longer want to be in the closet, does not give them the right to shove me, or others that share my feelings into that same closet. When it comes to issues that involve race, religion or homosexuality, we truly are a nation of hypocrites.

Thankfully, we are past the time when it was common to sling vulgar insults at homosexuals or anyone else who is not in the mainstream. The question is, what cost are we paying to not even acknowledge basic differences? Are we sacrificing morals and beliefs so that the few can hold the many hostage to ‘politically correctness’.

The problem that I have with all this is that different opinions aren’t tolerated. Any criticism creates an overly defensive response with screaming like a wounded banshee. It seems that straight people no longer have the right to disagree with or disapprove of anything gay oriented.

Therein is the reason for my discontent.

Once upon a time there was a quiet acceptance of different lifestyles … different strokes for different folks and all that jazz. The straights have made genuine efforts to understand and peacefully co-exist in a rapidly changing world. That doesn’t seem to be enough for some.

Its not the Ellens of the world that create problems. There are plenty of Ellens, who seem to just want to live their lives in peace. That’s cool. Its the radical activists who insist on pushing the envelope further and further. Its the radicals who insist on force feeding their diatribe to even elementary school children, having required reading about 2 mommies/daddies for first graders. Their efforts are obviously aimed at mainstreaming their own sexual preferences as opposed to allowing parents to instill their own core beliefs and values into their OWN children.

If gay folks want to commit to each other, share their benefits, life insurance, whatever, fine. Commit … have at it, I don’t care. Most people don’t care and actually think its a good idea. What people get upset about is when people try to shove their own values onto other people. I don’t judge you for your lifestyle, but I don’t want it in my face 24/7 any more than I want to see heterosexuals exhibiting their sexuality in my face all the time. I also don’t like that children are encouraged to experiment with sexuality (homosexual or heterosexual) any more than I want them encouraged to experiment with drugs or other activities they are too young to deal with or understand.

How I raise my children is up to me. I want my offspring to be comfortable enough to come to me if they have questions with any of these issues so we can seek guidance and counseling that suits US …. not you.

All of that aside, I wish Ellen and Portia the best and all the happiness in the world.

Portia de Rossi – Video