As part of tonights Saddleback Civil Forum, moderated by Rick Warren, both of the candidates were asked if evil exist. If it does, should it be ignored, do we negotiate with it, contain it or defeat it?

John McCain and Barack Obama had very different answers that can be viewed in the video below.

I found it interesting that Obama related evil to the United States. This isn’t the only question in which Obama found fault with America. McCain, on the other hand, found a lot right with America. He was very clear that we are not perfect and certainly have faults, but he was also very clear that the good in our nation far outweighs any faults we have. McCain’s love for the nation was evident in everything he said and did and in the passion with which he said it.

Their answers regarding evil and how to deal with it?

Obama: “A lot of evil has been perpetrated in the claim that we were trying to confront evil.”

McCain: “Defeat it!”

See what I mean?

Interestingly, even the left is saying that McCain did much better in this forum than Obama. They are bemoaning the fact that Obama just didn’t do well and that McCain is so likable. They are saying that even though they don’t like McCain’s policies, at least he’s upfront about what they are and leaves no doubt about where he stands on issues. Thanks to Right Wing Sparkle for doing the dirty work of finding out how the left is responding the the Saddleback forum.