At the Saddleback Civil Forum tonight, both candidates were asked about their views on abortion. Read their responses below and view a video of Barack Obama on abortion.

Obama on Abortion

During Rick Warren’s questioning of candidates John McCain and Barack Obama at the Saddleback Faith Forum, he asked each man the same questions. On the question of abortion he asked them at what point does a baby get human rights consideration. John McCain’s answer was direct and to the point. ‘At conception’, he said. He elaborated a little on his 25 year documented history as a pro-life advocate.

Barack Obama’s response was little more vague. He dodged the question and spoke at length about … not sure what it was about. It was mostly smoke and mirrors. You can see his response in the video above, courtesy of Gateway Pundit who got these videos up very quickly.

Right Pundits has an ongoing series of Barack Obama’s policies. Staff writer Cathryn Friar has written about Obama’s abortion policy. As you can see, his policies are far from what he wanted to elaborate on in the Saddleback Church in a forum that had to do with religious values and morals. In addition, you can see from his statements to a group of Planned Parenthood, that he really wasn’t giving straight answers at the Saddleback Church forum.