Here are the latest Virginia polls in the 2008 general election presidential race between Barack Obama and John McCain. Polls for the battleground state will be continually updated so return to this article daily.

Update 11/3/08 – Heading to election day the latest Virginia polls are consistently showing Barack Obama ahead 3-4 points.

Update 9/10/2008 – First post-convention bounce poll from Survey USA shows McCain regaining the lead. Rasmussen confirms. Call Virginia a +4 convention bounce. Is Obama regretting Tim Kaine?

Update 8/23/2008 – A Democrat polls shows Obama up 2 points, continuing the neck and neck horse race. Obama did not select Tim Kaine for VP so we do expect this state to end up in McCain’s column.

Update 8/16/2008 – In Rasmussen’s latest poll for Virginia, McCain has a statistically insignificant lead 1% lead over Obama. The results are consistent with recent others and with polls all summer long which show McCain and Obama running neck and neck in the state.

For that reason, Governor Tim Kaine has a good shot at the VP nod, a strategy to wrestle a red state into the blue column. We will know before the convention how badly Obama thinks he needs this state.

You can find more Viginia information including a graph which shows how close this race has been since early in 2008. In the final analysis, we believe that Virginia will go to McCain. Only Tim Kaine will put the state in play.

Battleground polls for all other states are here.

Virginia Polls (McCain Obama)

The latest general election polls are below.

Rasmussen (11/2/08)
Barack Obama – 51%
John McCain – 47%

Survey USA (10/30 – 11/1/08)
Barack Obama – 50%
John McCain – 46%

Zogby (10/30 – 11/2/08)
Barack Obama – 51%
John McCain – 45%

Mason Dixon (10/29 – 10/30/2008)
Barack Obama – 47%
John McCain – 44%