Here are the latest Colorado polls in the 2008 general election presidential race between Barack Obama and John McCain. Polls for the battleground state will be continually updated so return to this article daily.

11/3/08 – The latest polls show the race considerably narrowing in the past two days. McCain is within striking distance but it is still a difficult climb.

9/10/08 – First post convention poll shows virtually no movement at all, with Obama +2. Some of Rasmussen latest polls are inconsistent but we will see if others confirm this result. Could be that the Palin bounce was countered by an Obama bounce for the DNC convention in Colorado.

Update 9/5/2008 – Latest poll from CNN / Time is too old to matter now. It it pre-conventions and shows the race locked up.

Update 8/23/2008 – Includes a rash of recent polls in a highly examined state. A Suffolk outlier poll has Obama +5. The race if closer than this one result suggests.

Update 8/15/2008 – In Rasmussen’s latest poll for Colorado, McCain has a statistically insignificant lead over Obama. The results are consistent with a Quinnipiac / Washington Post survey that was done two weeks earlier. In between, a paid Democratic poll (PPP) claimed Obama had a four point lead. What is significant is that Obama had led McCain in Colorado for the entire summer until now in both Rasmussen and Quinnipiac polls.

You can find more Colorado information including a graph which shows how the gap has closed. Others are calling it a complete collapse for Obama, although the tightening race should have been expected. Anytime an unknown candidate becomes known, his favorable ratings drop.

Battleground polls for all other states are here.

Colorado Polls (McCain Obama)

The latest general election polls are below.

Rasmussen (11/2/2008)
Barack Obama – 51%
John McCain – 47%

Mason Dixon (10/28 – 10/29/2008)
Barack Obama – 49%
John McCain – 44%

ARG (10/28 – 10/30/2008)
Barack Obama – 52%
John McCain – 45%

Marist (10/27 – 10/28/2008)
Barack Obama – 51%
John McCain – 45%