First it was the Spanish Basketball Team photo and now its the Spanish Tennis Team photo. The Spanish have some ‘splainin to do. Read more about it and see photos below.

Apparently the Spanish have come up with their very own 2008 Beijing Olympics salute. It has to do with pulling the corners of their eyes to make a ‘slit-eyed’ gesture. They have done it when they are fixing to play the Chinese for world championships and at the Olympics.

The first was the Spanish Basketball team photo (above) that grabbed the attention of the world. It was sitting there in plain site on their website and was published in an ad. Asian Rights groups are up in arms and calling the photo ‘racists’, ‘divisive’ and ‘disturbing’. The Spaniards are saying they were just fooling around and having some fun.

Apparently, Spain has not been made aware that fun is not allowed in a progressive and politically correct world.

The basketball players are all aflutter saying that its been misinterpreted and such.

Then, to make matters even worse, the Spanish Women’s Tennis team did the very same thing and plastered their slant-eyed gesture photo on their website … where it remains. Lordy, lordy.

First, in order to be offended, one has to assume that the Chinese don’t like their eyes. Why would we assume that. Political correctness seems to have to do with the assumption that our way of looking and doing things is superior to others. Maybe they think our eyes look funny. I would venture to guess that the liberals who are raising holy sh*t over this never thought of that. That’s because they are the ‘elite’ … which means they think they are superior and therefore forbidden from ever pointing out differences in people for fear other people will realize they aren’t like the ‘elite’. Maybe they don’t WANT to be like the ‘elite’. I certainly don’t want to look like John Kerry – just to name an elitist off the top of my head.

To point out that there are differences in different races is not racist. Different is good. It makes the world more interesting. The only people who think they have to act like everyone has the exact same shade of skin and the exact same generalized body builds are people who either feel inferior or superior. Most of us understand that there are basic physical differences in the races – one is not better than the other, but they are different.

Interestingly, the Chinese don’t seem that upset about it. Its mostly liberal Americans and Europeans that are all indignant. Typically.

I’ve seen photos on websites where the British are making fun of the sizes of Spanish …. ahhhh …. manhood. No one has gotten upset about that!

Still. In this world, it was probably kind of silly and not using the best of judgment to put the photos on the website.

As it is …. the Spanish athletes and their representatives have some ‘ssplaaainnn’ to do!!!