Welcome to Right Pundits weekly caption contest. We had to do Bush at the Olympics this week because he so obviously had a blast!

George Bush seemed to be everywhere at the Olympics. He watched swimming, beach volleyball, archery, beach volleyball, the Opening Ceremony, beach volleyball, gymnastics, beach volleyball, baseball, beach volleyball, softball, beach volleyball. Then he took in some beach volleyball just to make sure he had that competition covered. Where was Laura while our gold medalists, Misty May Treanor and Kerri Walsh were teaching him how to play in the sand?

All in fun :).

Oh – and check out some LOL Bush. How fun is that?

We are going to miss W. when he’s out of office.

Winners will be announced next week.

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…. and the winners from last week are ….. :

  • 1st Place – Dennis: No I haven’t bought your book….Why?
  • 2nd Place – Joe: Now that’s the kind of change I’ve been talking about.
  • 3rd Place – Brian: even obama is looking at her thinking “liberal women are so naive!�?