DENVER (CBS4) — It has the makings of international intrigue. Less than two weeks before the Democratic National Convention a man has been found dead in a Denver hotel room with a container of what authorities initially suspect to be the deadly poison cyanide.

Adding to the intrigue is that the dead man, Saleman Abdirahman Dirie, 29, appears to be from outside the U.S. No passport was found on Dirie, who is believed to have entered the country from Canada.

A large container of a white powdery substance was found in the man’s room on the fourth floor of The Burnsley hotel at 10th and Grant. Tests are now being done by the Denver Police Crime Lab to determine exactly what the substance is. The tests could take days.

It’s believed Dirie died from something other than the substance that was in the container.

I found this over at Little Green Footballs. In my mind this is a very frightening situation. I’ve been saying for years that we spend to much time focusing on the Mexico border, Canadian security and border crossing is much too lax.

Lots of questions about this story, such as, who killed him? How was he going to deliver the poison? Are there more dudes (from an unidentified religion) running around Denver who were his cohorts? Is this really even cyanide? Cyanide seems like an odd weapon of choice, I’m not even sure how one would deploy it on a mass scale (water source maybe).

Apparently LGF has also dug up a possible blog posting by someone with the same name. Reportedly his message was:

Please don’t talk sh*t , that man deserves what happened to him , simply because having the bible in one hand , and a bread in the other hand , is not a correct thing ,! Kill Them , Kill them , Kill them , that is my massage,!

Sounds like a crappy massage, and not very relaxing. So, if this was the same guy, he doesn’t exactly sound like he’s at the pinnacle of mental health. Of course, none of these whack jobs really are I suppose.

Still, one can’t help but ask, where was Hillary at the night in question?


8.16.2008 Add: Nice Deb has a good round-up of current information on this situations.