Kimberly Clem is just too sexy for the mall. The girl got kicked out of the mall for her hot short dress. And now she’s internet famous for it. Read about it below and see a photo and video.

Actually, that’s not Kimberly Clem in the photo above, its just an example of the kind of outfit that might get you kicked out of a mall. Visuals always help. Men especially need visual aids – so I’ve been told. No offense intended, guys.

Kimberly Clem is a 20-year-old Kentucky woman who went to the Richmond Mall in ….. somewhere in Kentucky ….. and bought a dress. I know that’s not notable in and of itself. However she wore the dress to the exact same mall a couple of days later and got kicked out of the mall for being too sexy. According to her, the security guard told her ‘people’s husband’s was looking at me’. HEAVENS! What’s wrong with married men in Kentucky that they get caught looking??

Ms. Clem stated that “I have shorts, to be honest, you know that are completely worse than this dress and I have never been said anything to about it.�?.

See, my point is not so much about whether or not Kentucky malls allow short skirts. Its not about whether or not little miss Kimberly was letting her little po’tang hang out for the world to see. My point is not even about the apparent fact that married men in Kentucky haven’t learned the art of looking without getting caught by their ‘peoples’.

My point is that this girl has every earmark of being a poster child for the need to DO SOMETHING the American educational system. Please listen to Ms. Clem in the video below and you will get my point.


Kimberly Clem – Video