Updated with new and seldom seen photos of Yang Peiyi.

China presented adorable Lin Miako singing ‘Ode to the Motherland’, but it turns out she was lip syncing and the voice was that of Yang Peiyi who was deemed not cute enough to put in front of the cameras. Read about it below, see photos and videos.

New photos of Yang Peiyi via Hot Tokyo (continue reading below):

Everyone is up in arms that the committed directing the Olympic Opening Ceremony in Beijing did not allow the little girl who sang ‘Ode to the Motherland’ in front of the cameras. Instead, they presented 9-year-old Lin Miako as the singer. Lin is adorable. She has a perfect smile, long pigtails, is photogenic and just perky as she can possibly be. She’s cute as a little bug and she knows it.

On the other hand, 7-year-old Yang Peiyi, has an beautiful singing voice that sang the song perfectly in clear and angelic tones. However, the committee charged with putting together a flawless show for the world to see at the opening ceremony, determined that she didn’t have the physical appearance China wanted to portray to the world. Chen Qigang, the general music designer of the ceremony, said it was decided her face was too chubby and her teeth too crooked.

What to do, what to do?

Combine the two! They had the perfect visually pleasing girl and the girl with the prettiest voice so the solution seemed to be screaming out to them. Have Yang Peiyi sing and Lin Miako stand prettily in front of the world and lip sync.

Done and done.

The problem is that many are outraged that the committee that made those decisions in China would decide a little 7-year-old girl wasn’t cute enough to be the image China wanted to present to the world.

I agree, of course. I think its mean to tell a child that she’s not cute. But the parents of the little girl are thrilled that she was chosen to sing for her beautiful voice. She’s famous now and praised for her singing ability. The other little girl obviously knows she is just too adorable to be able to stand it.

I suspect Yang Peiyi will be the better of the two when they grow up – but that’s just a guess, of course.

I’m not defending this action. China’s human rights record is abysmal. But seriously, don’t go to China and expect that they are going to be open and upfront. They are going to present the image they want to present. They are Chinese. THAT’s WHAT THEY DO!!!! For crying out loud. Having one child lip sync and song another child is singing is the lease of the worries of what goes on there.

Regardless, everyone is outraged over the lengths to which the Chinese went to put on the perfect show for their Olympic Opening Ceremony. The great lip sync scandal. Those outraged people might do well to remember the lengths to which Hollywood will go to film an average movie.

A star doesn’t have perfect boobs? Hollywood will find someone who does and film them to appear to be on the star. They’ll do the same with an ass, legs, or any other body part. And please remind me how many stars have lip synced while someone else sang a song.

Come on. China put on a show, just like Hollywood.

Yang Peiyi – Video
Peiyi singing at the Olympic Opening Ceremony

Yang Peiyi – Video
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