Obama Text Message

Apparently David Plouffe has sent out an e-mail to all his supporters practically stating that Obama has made his VP choice and also telling supporters that he will announce his VP choice via e-mail. Fox has more on the story here. On the one hand this is a great idea for increasing donor lists and e-mail lists. He also encourages people to alert their friends and family and sign-up on the webpage so that they too can be among the first to hear about his VP choice. Possibly this is hinting at how Obama may run his White House too. For instance, maybe we’ll see Obama texting Putin “Lol @ u invading GA. We are no longer bff.” Or perhaps he could text McCain when he wins the election saying “2 bad for u, I’m l33t ur a noob.” In any event, he seems to really be going after that youth vote that they tell us every election is more and more important. The only problem is, every election they youth vote never shows up. Of course the meme is that this year is different, who knows, maybe so, but until I actually see it, I won’t believe it.

GL Obama, l8r!