Here is the thread where you will be able to read about the Hillary Clinton DNC Convention speech. We may be live blogging the speech and adding a video and transcript as soon as possible.

Hillary Clinton will be speaking at the Democratic National Convention this evening. Barack Obama apparently attempted to appease the Clintons and the 18 million voters who voted for her by giving her a slot to speak at the convention. I honestly thought that the Clintons were making an effort to hijack the nomination. I’m not convinced that they weren’t. But someone or some people with more spine came to the rescue and micromanaged things to minimize the Clintons impact on the convention.

Come to think of it, the whole thing is very micromanaged. Every word spoken, every camera angle, the back ground music, the signs held up. Everything.

For instance, during the entire coverage of the DNC Convention last night, I didn’t see a single camera shot of any of the Clintons. Bill Clinton will be speaking on Wednesday on national security. That is at odds with what he wants and rumor has it that he’s mad about it. He wants to speak on the economy, which he feels more comfortable with. Little wonder, considering how our national security went to hell in a hand basket under his watch.

If not security, then they could have had him speak on the pleasures of a fine Cuban cigar. Something that would be within his realm of expertise.

The theme for the DNC Convention tonight is “Renewing America’s Promise.�? Hillary’s DNC Convention speech is expected to be one of healing and hope and encouraging her supporters to give their support to Obama. Her role, as per reports, is to be one of healing and unity. She will say the requisite words, I’m sure. Although, I think its odd that she is speaking, for one. For another thing, that the Obama people seem to view it as her responsibility to give Obama votes rather than him getting them. Its definitely an odd election year.

The Clintons also managed to get Obama to agree to a floor vote between herself and Obama. I can just hear the conversation between the two. ‘Why don’t we have a vote and clear the air, Barack. It’ll be healing for the people and there won’t be any of those silly little dangling chads to worry about later,’ she’d say. Barack would put his finger thoughtfully to his lips as he slowly lowers his head so that she could see more than the bottom of his chin. ‘Do you think that would make your people happy and they’d vote for me then?’ he’d ask. ‘Oh yes, Barack, its the thing to do. Then it’ll be clear I lost and the party will be unified again.’ Barack agreed and the Clintons laughed all the way to their separate living areas. They’d be laughing because they know that when Hillary wins the floor vote, she’ll have to reluctantly and oh-so regretfully for poor Barack have to bend to the will of the people and accept their nomination.

But again, the micromanagers stepped in. Even though they are following through with the floor vote, the votes won’t be counted until after Barack is nominated and given his acceptance speech. That’s why appeasement is such a problem. Even though he agreed and everyone was all excited about how they were going to pull the rug right out from under his feet, his people had to come in and straighten the mess out and now everyone is mad.

They say the floor will be completely controlled so that the Hillary supporters will not be able to get their signs up in support of her or have their voices heard. They’ll go away mad, but the damage will be done. As they say, better to ask for forgiveness than to try to get permission.

After all that’s over, they’ll try to win back Hillary’s people. They’ll say they are so sorry about how that worked out and blame every body for misunderstanding their instructions. Yeah, it won’t be their fault. It will just be a misunderstanding.

Also on the DNC Convention schedule are:

  • Former Virginia Governor Mark Warner, Keynote Speaker
  • Governor Chet Culver, Iowa
  • Governor Jim Doyle, Wisconsin
  • Governor Joe Manchin, West Virginia
  • Governor Janet Napolitano, Arizona
  • Governor David Paterson, New York
  • Governor Ed Rendell, Pennsylvania
  • Governor Kathleen Sebelius, Kansas
  • Governor Ted Strickland, Ohio
  • Senator Bob Casey, Jr., Pennsylvania
  • Senator Patrick Leahy, Vermont

I hope the Clintons are less orchestrated than last night so those of us listening can get a little bit of a feel for what is really going on. I have a feeling the Clintons could be loose canons and veer from their scripts. We’ll see. They’ve been told to stick to script – but you know Hillary and Bill – they don’t mind real well.

This is the place to be to discuss Hillary Clinton’s speech. Hope to see you here.

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