Here is an open-thread for Barack Obama’s DNC Convention acceptance speech at the in Denver. Videos and transcripts of the speech are available here just as soon as he finishes on August, 28th 2008.

Barack Obama is the official nominee of the Democratic Party for the Presidency of the United States. He is scheduled to give his acceptance speech as the grand finale of the Democratic National Convention tonight at the Invesco Field at Mile High Stadium in Denver. Having his acceptance speech is reminiscent of John F. Kennedy giving his acceptance speech in an outdoor stadium rather than the traditional convention hall. The Mile High Stadium is expected to hold around 80,000 for the event. Rock stars have been brought in to draw in and warm up the crowds.

The backdrop for his acceptance speech has been talked about at length. Its been a source of humor for most people and defended by the far left Obama supporters. Many say that the ostentatious columned backdrop supposed to represent the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., invoking the image of Lincoln and associating it with Obama. Others have suggested that the structure is supposed to represent the White House so that Obama gives his DNC Convention speech already appearing Presidential. Its also been suggested that it is intended to represent the Parthenon, invoking the Greek gods of antiquity as part of the image that Obama’s handlers hope he will project.

Perhaps its intended to serve all of those purposes and more. Obama’s handlers have certainly had a pattern of putting him in front of symbolic landmarks in order to associate him with the images of great men … and gods … that have preceded him. Maybe they hope that Obama’s image will be imbued with the spirits of those men and the common masses will subconsciously begin to view him in the same manner.

Interestingly, its been reported that Obama is going to make his speech more personal and intimate as opposed to his usual lofty, soaring speeches that are long on good feelings and short on substance. I’m not quite sure how he’ll pull off an intimate speech with 80,000, but I somehow feel that many of those there will come away saying how good they feel about it while being unable to tell you what was said.

Whatever the case, Right Pundits will be here to cover it. As soon as the transcript and videos of the speech are available we will provide them for you. And, as always, we’ll have stimulating discussion in our comments.

I hope you will come and join us.

Obama DNC Convention Acceptance Speech – Video

* The Obama Girl video is a place holder until the video of Obama’s acceptance video is available to replace it.