There is a war raging in eastern Europe while the world’s attention is focused on the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Read about the Russia Georgia War, see photos, maps and a video below.

I don’t think that its any coincidence that the Russians began an all out assault on the democratic country of Georgia on the same day of the Olympic Opening Ceremonies in Beijing. Beijing put on an awesome show and the world watched with amazement and admiration. Meanwhile, about the same time, Russian planes and Russian ‘Peace Keeping’ troops, began bombarding Georgian towns in a fierce and relentless strike.

Amazingly, I have read comments in numerous articles over the internet that this is all the United States’ fault for supporting Georgia in their attempt to join NATO and become a more sovereign nation. Ominously, I’ve also read that its the fault of Jews. I wasn’t quite able to determine WHY it was the fault of Jews, but I read that in many comments throughout the internet.

I watched a televised statement from Georgia’s President Mikheil Saakashvili, who looked bedraggled and passionately plead for a cease-fire … and for help from the United States. ‘Georgians are looking with hope to America’, he said. He said they are a sovereign nation. He said the Russians are destroying them. He said towns are destroyed, women and children are casualties. He looked like a man who knew his own personal end was near without help from someone soon.

Saakashvili explains the situation quite well. If Russia can take Georgia, once part of the Soviet Bloc, then they gain control over the oil pipelines from central Asia to the Caspian Sea. Russia must take back the former Soviet Bloc countries in order to gain control of the pipelines. All of them. Starting with Georgia.

You might remember a recent article on Right Pundits about the Prime Minister of the Ukraine, Yulia Tymoshenko, who has been in a political battle with Ukraine President Viktor Yushchenko. Yushchenko was democratically elected and, if you recall, suspiciously poisoned leaving his face permanently scared. The conflict between the popular (because she’s charismatic and beautiful) Tymoshenko and the President of Ukraine, has to do with how cozy the Ukraine will be with Vladimir Putin and Russia and oil pipelines that go through the Ukraine from Russia to Western Europe.

After that article was posted on Right Pundits there was a flurry of visits to it from ‘official’ Ukrainian websites. Since then, there has not been a single visit to that post from the Ukraine. Perhaps its just a coincidence or perhaps Russia and her allies would rather the world believe that the country of Georgia forced Russia to annihilate them and that oil and pipelines have absolutely nothing to do with it.

What luck for rulers, that men do not think.
~ Adolf Hitler

The United States is airlifting Georgian troops out of Iraq and taking them back to Georgia to assist in defending their own country. Today German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy called for an ‘immediate and unconditional ceasefire’. The United Nations has failed to find common ground and come to a consensus of what they should do. NATO has slapped Russia on the hand for the ‘disproportionate force’ they are using against Georgia.

Chamberlain seemed such a nice old gentleman that I thought I would give him my autograph.
~ Adolph Hiltler

Our main stream media is giving the whole thing a footnote and returning to the Olympics. When they do mention it, they mention that Georgia invaded South Ossetia thereby started the conflict. They seem to have forgotten that just a few months ago, Russia told the world they would do this if the United States supported Georgia in their ambition to become a part of NATO. I think its much safer to blame anyone other than Russia for the aggression.

Russia’s excuse is that Georgia attempted to take back a sliver of land called South Ossetia (see map below). Georgia claims they responded to repeated attacks by South Ossetian separatists controlled and funded by Moscow. That break-away region had successfully fought for independence from Georgia in 1992. They have since enjoyed the protection and support of Russia. But this has spread much further than South Ossetia. The Russians have pushed deep into Georgia. Though the Georgians are fighting valiantly to maintain their democracy, its a very uneven fight. They have been accused by Russia of being ‘too Western’ and attempting to be a democracy.

If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.
~ Adolf Hitler

What they are really guilty of is being geographically between Russia and Middle Eastern oil. Iran is just at the southern border of Georgia.

Meanwhile, the world is watching the Olympics and worrying about their personal portfolios. What luck for Russia to have us all distracted. Few are paying attention to the fires burning in eastern Europe and the ambitions of powerful world leaders.

People don’t really like looking at the death and destruction being brought about by the bombing and such.

The question is, who will save the rest of Europe? For fifty years they have prospered under the protection of the United States. They have not had to pay for their own defense. They have not had to worry about any wolves at their doors. The Soviet Union collapsed. When the wall came down we saw a nation broken, poverty stricken and degraded by a generation oppressed under communist rule. But now …..

Will Europe stand by and watch Georgia fall? Will they wring their hands and shake their finger at Russia and tell Putin that he’s been very, very bad? Will they stomp their feet and decry the injustice of it all? And what of the Czech Republic? Will they be next? And the Ukraine? And then who? Poland?

We might do well to remember that Hitler himself said that if the allies had stopped him when he got to the Rhein in 1936, he wouldn’t have been able, at that point, to continue his push through Europe.

Will Europe be able to amass her forces and defend herself, or will she look to America for her salvation … again? I wonder will America go to her aid … again. Do we have enough troops? Not without the draft and even with that it’ll take years to build our military back to what it once was. Are we spread too thin? Will we be otherwise occupied following the many secretive meetings between Russia and Iran over the past year or so?

The American media is gleefully telling the world that the United States is incapable to maintaining the war against terrorism, much less helping a small country like Georgia. Our media loves to tell the world that we are broken, that there is dissent within our country and that we’ve grown weak with prosperity.

The perception of weakness is a dangerous thing. Our enemies will use that as an opportunity to take what they want. In this case, Russia taking control of the oil pipelines out of the Middle East.

Russia Georgia War – Video

Russia Georgia War – Video
Georgia Pleads for Ceasefire – Russia Escalates Violence