Meet Hadassah Lieberman, daughter of Holocaust survivors and the wife of Senator Joe Lieberman, the former Democratic vice-presidential nominee who has endorsed John McCain and is now being vetted as a potential running mate for the Republican presidential hopeful. Read her biography and see pictures and a video below.

She champions causes close to her, like women’s health care. Among her many projects, she works with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and a hospital in Jerusalem to encourage more education on heart disease for Arab and Israeli women.

Is it possible that Hadassah Lieberman could actually be the “2nd Lady” in a Republican Administration? If the latest rumors floated by the Team McCain are true, her husband Senator Joe Lieberman, has long been ­considered an unconventional but plausible choice for Mr McCain.

“John McCain loves Lieberman. And he is on the short-list because Lieberman has never embarrassed anyone, never misspoken. The first rule is, don’t take someone who costs you votes,�? said one McCain adviser.

But not everyone would be enthusiastic about Joe Lieberman being added to the ticket. While he strongly defended John McCain’s support of the surge and the escalation of US troops in Iraq, and they even teamed up on legislative proposals to ­combat global warming, Senator Lieberman though now “independent” is aligned physically and philosophically with Democrats on most other issues.

“Conservatives would be pissed as hell – I think you would have a revolt, but sometimes John does what John wants to do,�? the McCain adviser said.

My, what an astute McCain adviser! Believe me, though Lieberman’s support for the War on Terror has been stellar and it has garnered him alot of respect and appreciation among conservatives republicans, there indeed would be a revolt if he were chosen. Interestingly, Lieberman’s office has declined comment on his “vetting” saying recently “It’s not going to happen.�?

That would be good.

Hadassah Lieberman’s Biography

Hadassah Lieberman, born Hadassah Freilich to Holocaust survivors in a refugee camp in Prague, Czechoslovakia, on March 28, 1948 is the wife of United States Senator Joseph Lieberman (I-CT). So her age is 60.

Her mother had been imprisoned in Auschwitz and Dachau. Her father, a lawyer and rabbi, escaped from a slave-labor battalion on a march from the Russian front. Her maternal grandmother, Esther, after whom she is named (Hadassah is the Hebrew translation), died in the crematorium at Auschwitz.

She and her parents moved to the United States in 1949 settling into a life of relative American comfort in Gardner, Massachusettes where her father was the rabbi at Congregation Ohave Shalom. Hadassah says her parents instilled in her the importance of a sense of gratitude and purpose in life.

She obtained a BA in Government and Dramatics from Boston University in 1970, and an MA in International Relations from Northeastern University in 1971. She has worked as a Research Analyst at Lehman Brothers, as Director of Policy, Planning, and Communications at Pfizer, and as a Senior Program Officer at the National Research Council.

With her first husband, Rabbi Gordon Tucker, she has a son, Ethan. And with Senator Lieberman whom she met and married in 1982, she has a daughter Hana. Senator Lieberman has a son and daughter from his first marriage and the couple worked attentively and successfully at integrating the two families.

When her husband was first elected to the Senate in 1988, the new members took a standard tour of the chambers. As she took in the hall around her, Hadassah stood silent and reflective. When her husband asked what she was thinking, she answered, “I’m raising my fist in the air to Hitler,” she said. “We survived.”

“Joe Lieberman endorses John McCain” Video