As reported by numerous media outlets today, John Edwards, “the man of the people” finally admits to having an extra-marital affair while his wife was battling cancer. After perusing numerous media outlets today, it is stunning to see how the mainstream media is trying to downplay the significance of a serious contender for President and a rumored front runner for Vice-President’s immoral, unethical and disgraceful behavior. It is so sickening that a link will NOT be provided to these so-called objective media outlets and the political editor will NOT profile the woman involved. Others at Right Pundits may feel free to do so on their own accord. Edwards only defense is to claim that the baby is not his because the timing is not right.

The National Enquirer had this story correct all along. How many times did John Edwards lie about his affair? We should have known all along that something was amiss with Mr. Edwards given that he was Bill Mahr’s favorite candidate – by far. One has to wonder if Mahr will take Edwards to task on his HBO weekly anti-GOP rant? Right Pundits would like to introduce, borrowing a phrase from Mahr, some “new rules” that should pertain to all future Presidential contenders and all human being for that matter – no intercourse with staffers who are paid $100,000 to do very little work while your spouse is battling cancer. Sadly, Bill Mahr will give Edwards an out by comparing him to George Bush. Sometimes, it is simply too easy.

How long will it be before Elizabeth breaks bread with Anne Coulter? It would be very interesting to have been a fly on the wall when John Edwards finally admitted to his wife that an affair took place. Perhaps Ms. Coulter can be brought into the situation to provide mediation to Mr. and Mrs. Edwards.