Yesterday Steve Cohen (who lives down the block from my sister) took out Nikki Tinker by something like 75%. If you recall, Tinker reeked of desperation to the point where she resorted to race baiting and anti-Semitism, went down in flames. Is there a lesson here? Is it possible that the American People are finally “Getting it”? If so Cohen’s victory has terrifying implications for Barack Obama. If Cohen could defeat the politics of abject racism in Memphis, is it possible the days of playing the race card are over?

Granted Barack Obama came out and, as titular head of the DNC, finally denounced Tinker, but only did so on the day of the primary. Are the Obamassiah campaign’s crying wolf proclamations of GOP racism finally going to be seen as what they are, or was Tinker just a terribly bad candidate?

Steve Cohen is a big Barack Obama supporter. It is rather intersting that neither Barack Obama, nor Emily’s List (which endorsed Tinker) could bother denouncing Tinker’s race-baiting until ether on the eve of the primary after the damage had been done, or, in Obama’s case on the very day of the primary.  This says a tremendous amount about Barack Obama’s lack of character and lack of integrity. It’s one thing to toss the “undesirables” under the campaign bus, but not to jump out into the battle and support a decent man is another one all-together.

I would like to think we have progressed enough as a nation to the point where the color of one’s skin or a person’s religion (or lack thereof) but we all know this is not the case.  I think we can also begin to assume the epitaph of racism is now going to be tossed at any GOP candidate, or anyone opposing a losing Democratic candidate – anytime, anywhere.

Granted, Steve Cohen is one of the most liberal members of Congress, but he is a friend of my sister. I know for a face, even if he is a liberal, he’s a very nice guy who did not deserve to be treated the way he was. No one does, liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican.