Elizabeth Edwards, born Mary Elizabeth Anania on 3 July, 1949, is Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards’ wife, and the mother of his four children. Read more of her biography and see photo’s below.

I could have gone the rest of my life happily thinking John Edwards biggest character defect was his penchant for expensive haircuts. I held him in high esteem at one point, and of course, I was a bit prejudiced as he is a South Carolina native …. a true Southern gentleman.

I want to mention right up front that I feel the media exploitation of this story is wrong (yeah … look at me typing on it). Personally, I want to scream out that this is between a long married couple, it is not our business. It is Elizabeth Edwards business and her husband. I felt the same about the Vitners. What bothers me is that it’s the innocent that are hurt the most … spouses and children, yet we seem to not care. Our jumping with joy at any scandal is the real story here. While not condoning, it is not our place to condemn.

Perhaps we feel entitled to throw stones at public figures, especially politicians ( and true, some really have it coming ). However, shouldn’t we be willing to exercise a bit of compassion when it involves an entire family ?

Let John and Rielle Hunter hang their heads in shame, should they have a scruple between them, but spare Elizabeth Edwards and the children … including Ms. Hunter’s offspring.

Attacking someone for lying is one thing, and we all know it’s human nature to cover our fanny’s if and when we get caught with our pants down. This behavior, the denial, is not unprecedented. No, I’m not saying Edward’s should be given a pass on this.

Elizabeth Edwards has endured many joy’s, and yet experienced one of life’s worst tragedies when her 16 year old son, Lucius Wade Edwards was killed in an auto accident.

She has battled and survived breast cancer. She epitomizes a strong woman, and shows immense grace under pressure. The polar opposite of women who prey on rich and successful men, knowing full well that the thought of sex over-rules all rationale in most men. Even if Edward’s was the aggressor, she could have said NO …. but she willingly helped violate the sanctity of a marriage.

Born in 1949 in Jacksonville, Fl, Elizabeth Edwards is 59 years old. She is again battling breast cancer. She is a soft spoken, genteel and intelligent woman.

She attended Mary Washington College and then transferred to University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill receiving an undergraduate degree and completing three years of graduate work in English, as well as earning a J.D. at the same institution. She met John Edwards when they were both law students there. They married on July 30, 1977. Her father, Vincent Anania, a former Navy pilot, passed on earlier this year. She authored the book Saving Graces, and dismisses sympathy and pity with an aura of strength surrounding her.

John Edwards has stated Elizabeth knew of his affair in 2006 and I certainly hope that’s true. There is no good time to find out your husband has betrayed you, but to learn it on the heel’s of her daddy’s death would bring excruciating pain to someone that least deserves it. Many of us want to tell her what she should do, what we would do, and give little thought to the fact that this is HER marriage.

As far as Edward’s goes, his political aspirations are likely finished now and he brought that on himself. I do find anyone cheating on a spouse contemptible but someone doing it when their spouse is so ill, so vulnerable, is beneath contempt. Frankly, I don’t know anyone that isn’t disgusted by this liberal me first behavior…be they Republicans or Democrats.

The mea culpa’s are forthcoming now, and will continue for days, but it is my hope this scandal will quietly and rapidly go away soon. This would allow Elizabeth Edwards some time to grieve, cope and heal, yet again.

Maybe we should go back to pondering “will Bill introduce Hillary as the next Vice-President” in the next weeks in Denver. Back to politics and guessing games, as usual.