Dashiell Torralba is a former girlfriend of one of Fidel Castro’s sons. Apparently, she has provided videos of one of the Cuban dictator’s homes. We have the video for you here.

Nobody really knows how many children Fidel Castro has, or who they are, or where they are, or who their mothers are. What we do know is that one of them, rumored to be Antonio Castro, had a girlfriend named Dashiell Torralba who has given the media videos of one of Castro’s Havana homes. If you think that’s not a big deal, then you might remember that the United States CIA has been trying to get information on the lay out of Castro’s residences for decades. No one in Cuba knows where he lives or has seen his home. Other than the elite, of course.

While you see Castro and family lounging in lush leather chair, smoking Cuban cigars (of course) and enjoying the fineries of life, remember that Cubans have just recently been allowed (ALLOWED) to buy computers and cell phones. That’s just happened since their Dear Leader, Castro, has been dead sick recuperating and his brother, Raul Castro, has been President. Fidel Castro is probably rolling over in his grave … if he’s in a grave. I’m guessing his death will be just as mysterious as his life has been.

Cuba, in the tradition of Communism, has made everyone equal. The entire country is equally poor. Except, of course, for the elite class. The elite are whoever Castro decided they would be. As with the elite in our country, there are a different set of rules for those who have and everyone else. The real Cuba is nothing like the ‘hope’ and ‘change’ that Castro promised when he rose to power in the 1960s. The ideals he promised are a far cry from the dictatorship that has kept Cubans in dire poverty and living in fear for the past 49 years.

Dashiel Torralba is said to be living in hiding for fear of her life. She is also known as Dashiell Torralba Hernández.

UPDATE: This story gets more complicated. Spanish language websites are reporting that Dasheill Torralba is in Miami and has been charged with identity thief and credit card fraud. Its being reported that she used stolen cards to charge up to $100,000 at a Macy’s store she was working in there. They are also reporting that she’s been doing porn films with a Miami based low-budget porn company called Bang Bros.

Babalu Blog is reporting that the video that was made public today is the porn film called “Language Barrier” in which she takes the name, Rocio Marrero. So, is there a Dashiell Torralba sex video? And here I was thinking that the Cuban papers were slandering her for releasing the Castro video. We’ll see what the next few days brings for news of Dashiell.

Dashiell Torralba – Video