Guess who the newest mentor/friend to emerge from Obama’s past is? No, I’m talking about Rev. Wright, or William Ayers. I’m speaking of Frank Marshall Davis. The AP describes Davis as a left leaning journalist (I won’t quote or link to the AP since they want to charge me now). What they neglect to mention in their puff piece about Frank Davis is that he was not so much a journalist as he was a “propagandist and racial agitator for the CPUSA (Communist Party of the United States of America). He was also a recruiter for the communist cause.” Accuracy in Media has a whole story regarding how the AP deliberately covered up who this Davis really is.

So, who is Frank Davis, whom Obama refers to in his book as his friend “Frank”? Davis was a hard-core sympathizer with Communist Russia. In fact, he opposed our involvement in WWII because of the Hitler-Stalin Pact. It wasn’t until Hitler invaded Russia that he supported the US involvement in WWII. He was very anti-American and in fact taught and believed in the violent overthrowing of the American government.

However, as the AP story itself points out, Davis was a great mentor to Obama. He gave him advice on where to go to school and about racial relations. Davis reportedly told Obama that he shouldn’t leave his race behind (which race I wonder), and that was the real price of the admission to college (presumably leaving ones blackness behind I suppose). During a drive together once, Obama reportedly told Davis that his white grandmother didn’t want to take the bus to work because she was afraid of a black pan-handler. Davis’ response was that his grandmother should be scared because she knows African-Americans “have a reason to hate.” For some reason I found that story very creepy . . . and telling.

The big questions that AIM asks, and that I would repeat are, exactly how much did Obama know about Davis? Did Davis try to recruit Obama into CPUSA? Is it possible that Obama was at some point a secret member of CPUSA?

We may never know the answers to these questions, however, sometimes one must only look at the company one chooses to keep in order to judge them. If we connect the dots from Davis, to Pfleger, to Ayers and Jerimiah Wright, what kind of picture do we get? We get a picture of a bunch of people who truly believe that America is a horrible place, who almost all have sympathies to Communism/socialism. Obama himself acknowledges friendships and mentor-like relations with all of these individuals. It is beyond comprehension that he would acknowledge Frank Davis and Rev. Wright as friends and mentors and not share in some of their philosophy.

I will not come right out and say that Obama is a Communist, there is not enough factual information to make that assertion at this point. However, I will say with a high degree of confidence that Obama is a very far leftist, who strongly believes in socialism. He is not a moderate Democrat who can compromise with Republicans as he claims. All of his inspiration comes from figures who have been mired in the shady-side of leftist politics for over 70 years.

This election I will have a hard time voting for John McCain, because I feel he has betrayed Conservativism, and I am always a conservative before a Republican. However, I have no problem in voting against Obama. In the beginning, before I knew anything about him, there was actually some thought that I might vote for Obama because he came off as reasonable, likable fellow. However, the more I learn about his connections to far leftist radicals, the more I realized that Obama is a danger to the future of this country.