Obama Marriage Problems Revealed.

In a blockbuster revelation, an American family magazine is about to publish a shocking interview with Michelle Obama and Barack which reveals marital troubles between them, and Obama’s own fear of winning. We have excerpts from the upcoming September issue of Ladies’ Home Journal.

In the interview with the candidate and his wife by Diane Salvatore, Michelle Obama describes a father and husband who was on the road ever since the kids were born. They are growing up hardly knowing their father despite the public packaging as a close family. She was angry and bitter at Barack about this lack of attention. She needed time and space, and describes a resigned “growth process” to get over her bitterness.

On marital problems:

MO: “There were a lot of things time-wise that he couldn’t provide because he was not there. So, how do I stop being mad at him and start problem solving, and cobble together the resources? I also had to admit that I needed space and I needed time. And the more time that I could get to myself, the less stress I felt. So it was a growth process for me individually and for us as a couple. He had to grow, too.”

The interview will raise questions about Barack Obama’s dependability in the minds of voters. His biological father abandoned the family at an early age so he did not have an example to emulate. So as a father and a husband he got his experience on the job which made for an inadequate marital partner according to Michelle.

We had hints of the Obama marriage problems before in this passage from Obama’s book, The Audacity of Hope. Michelle was described as “pretty fed up with raising our children alone and was beginning to question my priorities” as a husband.

Slate Magazine delved into the fact that Michelle had been trying to keep her marriage problems out of the public eye for the last year. Until now.

As a young politician with little experience in Washington, some fear that Obama will also be learning the presidency on the job. The interview reveals that Obama himself has these fears. His biggest worry is actually winning and then having to govern.

BO: “If you were not occasionally jolted awake at three in the morning thinking about the magnitude of the work that has to be done, then you probably shouldn’t be president. It’s a big job. The thing that keeps me awake at night is not the prospect of losing. It’s the prospect of winning and governing.”

Michelle Obama has been targeted by opponents as a “radical,” due to several comments that seemed un-American and her college associations with black militancy. Because of this uneasiness, critics will have a field day with this revelation that she will participate in all the big decisions of an Obama administration. A reporter asked candidly if she would have a policy position in the White House.

BO: Michelle is one of the smartest people I know. She is my chief counsel and adviser. I would never make big decisions without asking her opinion.

Apparently sensing that he stumbled, Obama tries to recover by amending the thought. “Certainly about my career and my life. My sense is—and I’ll let her speak for herself here—that she’d probably be more interested in having a set of projects that were driven by her interests and her desires, as opposed to me handing her some sort of portfolio, and saying, ‘Here, do this.'”

You can pick up the September issue of Ladies’ Home Journal on the newsstands next week. The article will be available here.

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