Former President Bill Clinton made a call in Africa for focusing more on monogamy as a way to fight the AIDS virus. As the BBC reports, President Clinton stated, “To pretend we can ever get a hold of this without dealing with that, the idea of unprotected sexual relations with unlimited numbers of partners, I think would be naive.” Uhh, okay.

While of course Bubba is right, monogamy probably is a great way to fight AIDS, there is just something too rich about hearing it come out of his mouth. This is almost like Mayor Marion Berry telling children they shouldn’t use crack. Besides, there is almost something elitist about this. He almost seems to be saying, “hey you poor people here in Africa should stop your sinful ways, while we back in the states will continue to live life however we see fit.” So, not only does this come off as disingenuous, I think it is almost condescending.