The Saudi’s are fighting mad about a new commercial being aired in Isreal by Nissan. In the commercial (seen here) Nissan brags about how fuel efficient their new car is by showing how mad it is making the Arab Shieks, who start to attack the car and complain about how Nissan is costing them millions of dollars. It is quite a good ad in my opinion. Of course, the Arab world is never one to take insults (real or perceived) lying down, and already calls for boycotting Nissan are being made around the Arab world. This commerical is not racist or even anti-Arab, it is clearly anti-rich SOBs if anything. It is simply pointing out that people who make a lot of money (you could have put a guy walking out of an Exxon-Mobile building in the sted of the Shiek) obvioulsy are not going to be happy with Nissan making a car that gets good gas mileage. So, in the typical Arab style, some want to make a mountain out of a molehill. Good luck with that. I have owned about 6 Nissan cars in the past 7 years and it makes me proud.