An inquest is being conducted into an Australian ghost ship that was discovered off the coast of Queensland. Read about it below, see photos of ghost ships and videos of the story of the Mary Celeste.

Three men from Perth, Australia set sail for the trip of a lifetime back in April 2007. They planned to sail from Perth in Western Australia around the northern end of Australia. The trip was expected to take six to eight weeks. They set sail on a Sunday and on the following Wednesday the vessel was found adrift. When rescuers boarded the ship, they found a very eerie, ghostly ship with few, if any, clues as to the whereabouts of the crew.

A year later, the Queensland Coroner is conducting an inquest into the case of the ghost ship.

The yacht is a 12-meter catamaran named Kaz II. The men on board were the skipper Derek Batten (56-years-old), Peter Tunstead (69-years-old) and his brother James Tunstead (63-years-old). The circumstances of their ship and their disappearances has been compared to the Mary Celeste mystery of 1872. Just like the Mary Celeste, the ship was found intact and functioning properly, there was no evidence of struggle or harm coming to the crew, food was prepared and laid out on the table for a meal, personal items were placed around as if the crew would step out to use them at any moment, but no one was there. They had just vanished into thin air.

In the case of Australia’s ghost ship, dinner was on the table, laptops were set out and working, GPS devises were functioning, the engine was running in neutral, personal items were sitting out and there was absolutely no indication of what happened to the crew. One of the more eerie finds was a video tape of the three men laughing, joking, fishing and generally enjoying their trip. The tape was in a video camera that was found on the ship. Exhaustive searches by boat and plane didn’t produce any clues.

At this point, the coroner has ruled out that the three faked their deaths for insurance fraud. The options seem to be that the three were victims of piracy, got into a fight with each other, were swept overboard by winds and waves, went swimming off the back of the boat and weren’t able to get back to the boat for whatever reason.

Whatever the explanation, it is likely to remain a mystery in much the same way as the famous ghost ship, Mary Celeste.

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