Wouldn’t it be interesting if the GOP members of Congress have tapped into something with their protest against Nancy Pelosi? The latest Gallup numbers show there is a window, just a small one, but there is a window of opportunity to make some inroads in the House this year. I think the American people want to see a little bit of courage. And, like Medved pointed out yesterday on his show, they don’t like to vote for “angry” people. If they can keep their heads…. (nah, that was a pipe dream).

According to The Hill, Newt Gingrich is going to be meeting with the GOP Protesters on the Hill Wednesday morning. It’s about time someone called in the good doctor so he could deal with what ails ‘em, but the real problem is abject lack of leadership. Fortunately Eric Cantor is showing some with his Call Congress Back petition.

Nancy Pelosi says that the GOP push for more drilling is “unworthy of serious debate!” I kid you not. There is a bottom line here. Excitement is rippling through the GOP world. Are our Republicans in Congress finally growing backbones? On the other hand, how much of this is Nancy Pelosi grandstanding for her liberal voters back in San Francisco? It is quite obvious Pelosi is more interested in pandering to her ultra liberal voters back home than she is doing her job as the Speaker of the House of Representatives. As the Speaker she should be putting the needs of the nation above the needs of the one. Instead she is lambasting John McCain who is demanding she return to Washington and take are of business.

“…The Speaker added that “McCain’s absent leadership on energy independence doesn’t match his rhetoric.?”

Someone is not flying on all thrusters, and it certainly isn’t John McCain. There are theories that Pelosi is playing “bad cop? so her disingenuous partners in crime in the House can go home and campaign that they are for “drilling?. It is also rather obvious that Pelosi is taking her orders from MoveOn, who plans to slam the Republicans in the House this year.

Are they making a big mistake?

The latest Gallup shows that there is a strong anti-incumbant feeling against members of the House. If this holds, while the GOP would lose some seats, and deservedly so, the Dems, as the Majority, stand to lose more than the GOP. Only something like 36% of ‘registered voters’ think the “house? deserves re-election. The rub, though is 57% think their representative deserves re-election. But – those who are in districts where their member of Congress is a Democrat think that the Dem does not deserve re-election. The numbers aren’t strong, but they are enough, I hope, to force the Cowards of the Congress to listen to Newt.

There’s one other thing at work here. If Eric Cantor continues in his leadership role, and it looks like the GOP could make a few inroads in the House, is he going to want to be VP or go for a House leadership position?

It is possible that the Dems have taken another wrong step. The big question, will their voters hold them responsible?

There’s one other interesting little tidbit today. If, as Zogby finds (and he is an Obama shill) that Obama is losing support among the young and among women, is this going to make a difference. I suspect “the young? simply won’t vote. Women are still angry with Obama. If McCain does “make it? could he have some coat-tails?