Chris Jackson is the FOX News cameraman who helped save the life of an injured Marine in Afghanistan even though he was injured himself. The armored Humvee convoy he was traveling in was struck by a roadside bomb Sunday night in the Helmand province, a Taliban stronghold.

The Helmand province, the site of the IED blast, is a hotbed of insurgent activity and the largest opium poppy growing area in the world.

Two U.S. Marines were badly injured when the improvised explosive device detonated near their convoy. Even though Chris Jackson, who was riding in the lead Humvee, was injured in the blast he went back to the burning vehicle to rescue one of the Marines. While helping the injured sergeant, the heat inside the burning vehicle began to fire off the ammunition inside it.

“The cabin was on fire and I jumped out,” said Jackson in a report filed immediately following the attack. “I went, grabbed the sergeant out of the shotgun seat, pulled him out.”

“We checked him over; his leg was injured. We then carried him away behind a second armored Humvee because the ammunition from the first armored Humvee was cooking off and firing in all directions.”

Chris Jackson, age 35, a longtime freelancer for FOX News, has been with the Jerusalem bureau since 2007. He is traveling in Afghanistan with FOX News correspondent Col. Oliver North on assignment for “War Stories with Ollie North,” working on a documentary on the Special Forces.

“Chris Jackson from the Scene of the IED Attack” Video