So much for being a “different kind of candidate.” We all thought John Kerry was the king of the flip-flops, after all he was for the war before he was against it. However, this political season Obama is quickly making Kerry look like a bed-rock of constancy. The latest flip-flop is that Sen. Obama has backed away from his agreement to hold a series of town hall meetings with John McCain. Instead, he has opted for the standard 3 debates that have marked past Presidential elections. When asked about doing town hall meetings with Sen. McCain, Obama stated “I think that’s a great idea.” Except then Obama realized that when it comes to off the cuff comments he is a horrible speaker. I’ll freely admit that Obama is a great speaker when he has prepared remarks on a teleprompter, but any time he has to answer questions he is not prepared for, just count how many times he says the word “uhhh”. At this point, even the Lincoln-Douglas style debates proposed by the Obama camp are no longer being contemplated.

Clearly the Town Hall format favors McCain. McCain is very amiable and comes off pretty sincere in that context. He would obviously wipe the floor with Obama in Town Hall meetings. It is just irritating that everyone seems to think Obama is this great speaker and wonderful guy, but nearly every promise he has made (public funds also comes to mind) he has already broken. At this point, I don’t trust a single thing he say because his (albeit short) track record exposes Obama for the fraud he is. Obama represents pandering at its worse. He seems to take every side of each issue, from gun control to capital punishment. As a recent commerical said, Obama is worse then a flip-flopper, at least flip-floppers have a single position at any given point of time, Obama takes both sides and gets away with it. I’m sure Obama was for the town hall meetings before he was against them.

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